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Listening comprehension – fire in Dubai Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

In this post, I present a listening comprehension exercise on breaking news this week from Dubai!

Listen to the report and answer the questions that follow. There are some questions to answer in English and others in Arabic. You only need the first 55 seconds of the report.

     Answer the following questions in English:

  1. What is the report about?

  2. Where did the fire happen and when?

  3. How many victims are there for the fire?

    Answer the following questions in Arabic:

  1. ما اسم البرج الذي اندلع به الحريق؟

  2. ما أسباب اندلاع الحريق؟

  3. ما الطوابق التي تضررت من الحريق؟

  4. كم طابقاً في البرج الذي اندلع به الحريق؟

  5. ما الذي ساعد في تأجج الحريق؟

Useful words:

عربات الإطفاء = fire engines

إخماد = extinguish

حريق = fire

الأبراج  = towers

السكنية = residential

تأجيج = blaze up

رياح = wind

ضحايا = victims

إصابات = injuries

مسعفين = paramedics

اندلع = erupted

طوابق = floors

Come back again soon to check the transcription of the report and the answers of the questions!

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