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Expressing Likes and Dislikes in Arabic Posted by on Feb 9, 2010 in Vocabulary

There are some expressions that we can use to express likes and dislikes in Arabic.

أحب السباحة.

“I like swimming.”

لا أحب الشطرنج.

“I don’t like chess.”

أحب الرياضة جداً/كثيراً.

“I like sports very much”

لا أحب كرة القدم أبداً/إطلاقاً.

“I don’t like football at all.”

المفضّل/ المفضّلة


هوايتي المفضّلة هي القراءة.

“My favorite hobby is reading.”

اللعبة المفضّلة بالنسبة لي هي التنس.

“The best game for me is tennis.”

أكره الموسيقى الصاخبة.

“I hate loud music.”

لا أطيق الثرثرة.

“I can’t stand gossip.”

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  1. Juan:

    Hello Aziza:
    Really useful this post, very common and helpful structures easy to change and modify according to the situation. Very good.

    I have some questions:
    Can you explain the word ايتي and give another eample of use?

    In one of the examples, how would you change the words (بالنسبة لي ) to mean “the worst”, instead of “the best” ?.

    I did not know verb أطيق in the last sentence, it seems to have a positive meaning. Can I use it as a substitute of أحب ?


  2. Juan:

    Hello Aziza:

    Can I propose a posible topic for future posts?

    Arabic is very reach in fixed expresions which do not have an exact translation. These expresions are use for particular situations and they have another expresion for the replay.

    I would say they are “cultural” expresions.
    When you have finished a task
    Before starting something
    When you meet a person
    When you sneeze
    When you show apreciation for something
    When you want to transmit condolences
    Many of them involve the word لله
    and a long list of expresion+reply
    Would it be possible to compile a set of them in a cultural post?
    I think they are appreciated when spoken from a foreigner as a sign of integration.


  3. Aziza:

    Thank you very much for the great suggestion Juan. I will write you a post soon.

  4. Aziza:

    Ahlan Juan,
    هوايتي is one word which means “my hobby”.
    (بالنسبة لي ) means ‘for me’ or ‘in my opinion’
    أحسن is best and أسوأ is worst
    You cannot use أطيق to mean ‘like’ because it means to bear or to afford. It is best used in the expression لا أطيق which means ‘cannot stand’.

  5. Juan:

    Aziza أهلاَ

    شكراً جزيلاً