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Expressing similarities with things Posted by on May 29, 2011 in Culture, Vocabulary


In my previous post, I presented some Arabic idioms that express similaritهثس with animals. In this post, I present other expressions that express similarities with other elements of natures. These expressions are not the only ones that exist, but they are commonly used in speech and writing. Please note that each one of these expressions can be expressed using (كـ) instead of (مثل), because they both serve the same function. So, we can say (بارد مثل الثلج) or (بارد كالثلج).

جميلة مثل القمر

Beautiful as the moon

قوي مثل الجبل

Strong as a mountaian

هادر مثل الرعد

Noisy as thunder

عميق مثل البحر/البئر

Deep as the sea/well

بعيد مثل السماء

Far away as the sky

طويل مثل الزمان

Long/old as time

كبير مثل البحر

Large as the sea

بارد مثل الثلج

Cold as ice

ساخن/حار مثل النار

Hot as fire

غالٍ مثل الذهب

Expensive as  gold

رخيص مثل التراب

Cheap as a dust

أسود مثل الليل

Black as the night

أبيض مثل الحليب

white as milk

ابنته جميلة مثل القمر.

الطقس بارد مثل الثلج.

شعرها أسود مثل الليل.



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