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Fisal’s Dictionary; “to work” Posted by on Mar 30, 2012 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

     Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb عَـمـِـل   and explore some of its derivatives.

* عـَـمـِـلَ    [V. T. I.] = to do something or to work.

                   Ex. – عَمِلَ محمد الواجب  = Mohammad did the homework.

                        – يعمل أحمد في مصنع   = Ahmad works in a factory.  

عـَـامـِـل  [N. C.] = 1) male worker; the male person who works.  

              Ex. –  هـُو عاملٌ مخلص  = He is a loyal worker.

                                = 2) factor

            Ex.  –  التخطيط الجيد عامل مهم للنجاح   = Good planning is an important factor for success.

* عـُـمـَّـال / عـَـامـِـلـون / عـَـامـِـلـين  [N. Pl.] =  workers; plural of عامل  

عـَـوَامـِـل  [N. Pl.] = factors; Plural of عامل  

عـَـمـَـل  [N. C. U] = work , deed or business; (pl. أعمال )  

                    Ex. –  هي تذهب إلى العمل مبكراٌ  = She goes to work early.  

                          –  كان عنده عشاء عمل ليلة أمس  = He had a business dinner last night.

أعـْـمـَـال  [N. Pl.] = works, deeds or business; Plural of عـَـمـَـل 

                    Ex. –  هي سيدة أعمال ناجحة  = She is a successful business woman.

                          – طه حسين له أعمال أدبية كثيرة  = Taha Hussein has a lot of literary works.

*  عـَـامـَـلَ  [V. T.] = to deal with or treat   

           Ex. – عَـامـِِـل الناس كما تحب أن يعاملوك   = Treat people as you would like them to treat you.

* مـُـعـَـامـَـلة  [N. C.] =  deal or treatment – ( pl. مـُـعـَـامـَـلات ) 

* عـُـمـْـلـَـة   [ N. C.]  =  currency; ( pl. عـُـمـْـلات )  

                  Ex. – عـُـمـْـلـَـة مصر هي الجنيه المصري  = Egypt’s currency is the Egyptian pound.

* عـُـمـُـولـَـة  [N. C.] =  commission; money paid to a bank or someone for carrying out any bank deal or transfer;  ( pl. عـُـمـُـولات )

                  Ex.  – تستحق عـُـمـولة لو وجدت لي شقة جيدة 

                          = You deserve a commission if you find me a good flat.

عـَـمـِـيــل  [N. C.] =  client, customer or an agent; ( pl. عـُـمـَــلاء )

                 Ex. – هذه الشركة لها عملاء كثيرون  = This company has a lot of customers.  

* عـَـمـَـلـِـيـّـة  [N. C.] = process, operation; ( pl. عـَـمـلـيـات )

                Ex. – قام مجدي يعقوب بالكثير من العمليات الناجحة 

                      = Magdy Yacoub did a lot of successful operations.

مـَـعـْـمـَـل  [N. C.] =  laboratory; ( pl. مـَـعـَـامـِـل )

                 Ex. – المعمل فيه أجهزة حديثة   = The laboratory has modern equipment.

اسـتـعـمـَـل  [V. T.] =  to use something or someone; ( pl. استـعـمـال )

                 Ex. – استعمل محمد مِـرآة في التجربة  = Mohammad used a mirror in the experiment.  

مـُـسـتـعـمَـل  [Adj.] =  used.  

                 Ex. – هذه سيارة مستعملة   = This is a used car.

– (Note: N.=Noun /C.= Countable / U.= Uncountable / V.= Verb / Ph. V. = Phrasal Verb / Adj.= Adjective / Adv.= Adverb / Prep.=Preposition / Pl.= Plural) 

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