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Ghadames غدامس: The Pearl of the Desert (2) Posted by on Jul 26, 2021 in Arabic Language, comprehension, Culture, History, Travel & Geography, Vocabulary

Welcome to the 2nd part of this blog post. We’re still learning about the unique Libyan city المدينة الليبية المميزة of Ghadames مدينة غدامس, in Libya. As you probably remember, this city is a palm oasis in the middle of the desert and for this reason, it was called: ‘The pearl of the desert“, i.e. لؤلؤة الصحراء. Last week, you had the chance to watch a video clip that tells some interesting information about the city (script and audio). In this week’s blog post, you will have the chance the chance to answer a few questions to test your comprehension. You will also have a list of keywords that you might find helpful with understanding the script better.


Photo by Ahmed Almakhzanji on Unsplash


This is the video clip from last week, have a watch to refresh your memory! You can go back to the previous blog post to check the script & the keywords.


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Now that you have watched the clip again, have a go at answering the following question! >>>




أين تقع مدينة غدامس؟

Where’s Ghadames located?


هل غدامس أقدم مدينة صحراوية في العالم؟ صح أم خطأ؟

Is Ghadames the oldest Saharan city in the world? True or False?


من هم سكّان مدينة غدامس؟

Who are the inhabitants of Ghadames?


بماذا تُسمَّى/تُلَقّب المدينة؟

What’s the city called?


من أطلق على المدينة اسم “غدامس”؟ وماذا يعني؟

Who gave the city its name? and what does it mean?


علام يحتوي متحف غدامس؟

What does Ghadames Museum include?


بماذا تتميز المدينة العتيقة (القديمة) في غدامس؟

What is the old city in Ghadames characterised by?


كيف هي البيوت في غدامس؟

How do houses look like in Ghadames?


ماذا يوجد في الطابق الأرضي من كل بيت؟

What can be found on the ground floor of each house?



ما هو الشيء الغريب في أسطح المنازل في غدامس؟

What’s strange/unique about the house roofs in Ghadames?



متى أصبحت مدينة غدامس تراثًا عالميًا؟

When did Ghadames become world heritage?

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الإجابات الصحيحة

Correct answers:


تقع مدينة غدامس شمال غرب ليبيا

It’s located in the Northwest of Libya


لا، غدامس ليست أقدم مدينة صحراوية في العالم، ولكنها واحدة من أقدم المدن الصحراوية في العالم

No, Ghadames is not the oldest Saharan city in the world; it’s one of the oldest.


1Two ethnic minorities in Libya.يسكن المدينة الأمازيغ والطوارق

Amazigh and Tuareg live in this city.


تُسمّى المدينة بـ: لؤلؤة الصحراء

The city is called: the pearl of the desert.


الرومان هم من أطلقوا عليها هذا الاسم – ويعني: بلد الجلود

Romans were the ones who gave it this name – it means: the country of skins


يحتوي المتحف على منحوتات وأدوات حجرية قديمة

The museum includes carvings and old stone tools.


تتميز بفن معماري (نادر) فريد من نوعه

It’s characterised by rare/ unique architecture.


البيوت موجودة تحت الأرض، وهي متلاصقة

The houses are underground and they’re terraced/ attached.


يوجد مكان لتخزين المؤونة

There is a place for storing supplies.



2It’s said that women used to walk across the town and visit each other through these connected roofs. In the old days, women were not allowed to be seen by men, so these roofs were their way to move freelyأن أسطح المنازل متّصلة ومفتوحة على بعضها

That the house roofs are connected and open to each other.



أصبحت غدامس تراثًا عالميا سنة 1986

Ghadames became world heritage in 1986.

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  • 1
    Two ethnic minorities in Libya.
  • 2
    It’s said that women used to walk across the town and visit each other through these connected roofs. In the old days, women were not allowed to be seen by men, so these roofs were their way to move freely
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