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Grilled Fish, Egyptian style! Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

Today, I will give you a very authentic Egyptian fish recipe. It is advised to prepare it outdoors. You can prepare it indoors, but you have to notice that the house will all smell of fish very strongly, as this recipe lets out a lot of smoke.

Grilled Fish (سمك مشوي)


Whole fish  (سمك)

Salt (ملح)

Cumin (كمون)

Lemon (ليمون)

Garlic (ثوم)

Flour (دقيق)



You need fresh whole fish. I prefer to use sea bream for grilling.

Wash the fish very carefully!


Mix salt and flour together

Coat the fish with salt and flour


Put the fish on top of grill, or inside an oven grill, applying the grill function


Turn the fish occasionally until cooked and soft on both sides


The fish will look black on both sides when ready and all the flour will be burnt.


Put the garlic, cumin and salt in a suitable food processor or mortar and grind together, then add the mixture to water and lemon.

Soak the fish in the mixture as desired, then drain it and serve it.


You can do without the water and sprinkle the garlic, salt and cumin on top of the fish and squeeze lemon juice on both sides of the fish.

I like it with rice or green salad or both!




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