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Have you Seen Mashrou’ Leila’s Latest Hit Single? Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! Music is an essential part of my life. On my commute to work, at the gym, at social gatherings, parties etc. music is all-present. In the past I have introduced to several of my favorite artists, including the up-and-coming band from Lebanon Mashrou’ Leila. They have recently released a new album titled ‘Ibn El Leil’ which translates to ‘Son of the Night.’ It’s a great album and as always with their previous repertoire,  they tackle important sociopolitical themes and issues. Today, I am sharing one my favorite hits on the album. It’s called دقائق  ٣ which literally translates to ‘3 Minutes.’ I have translated the lyrics from Arabic to English and i have shared two YouTube videos of the hit single:  the song and a live performance. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

مشروع ليلى – ٣ دقائق
Mashrou’ Leila – 3 Minutes

فيي إتخبى بجلدك، فيي البس كل وجوهك. هول
I could hide in your skin, I could wear all your faces. These!

فيي إتخبى بخزانتك، فيي البس كل بدلاتك. بس قول
I could hide in your closet, I could wear all your suits. Just say!

فيي كونك إذا بدك، فيي غني كل كلماتك. هول
I could be you if you want me to, I could sing all your words. These!

فيي مثّل لك حياتك، لما تسمعني بمرايتك عم قول
I could act out your life, when you hear me in your mirror. I’m saying

بس قول لي مين بدي كون علشان ارضيك
Tell me who should I be in order to please you

اعطيني ٣ دقائق – داريني ب٣ دقائق
Give me 3 minutes – humor me in 3 minutes.

بس قول لي مين بدي كون علشان ارضيك
But tell me who should I be in order to please you

اتركلي مهري علطاولة – شك حلمك بخلخالي
Leave my dowry on the table – pin your dream to my anklet

فيي أوقف إذا بدك، أو اتمدد إذا ما بدك. قول
I could stand up if you want, or lay down if that’s what you want. Say.

فيي اضحك إذا بدك، يا ما ابكي إذا انسبلك. بس قول
I could laugh if you want to, or cry if it suits you. Just say.

ليه ليهمني اني كون بدل من اني صير؟
Why would I care to exist instead of becoming?

كل الاشياء بتعيش لتنتهي بلحن جديد
All things live to end with new tunes.

الفرق بين الحرية والخضوع تخيير
The difference between freedom and submission is a choice.

أنا اللي اخترت. أنا اللي قبلت. أنا اللي قلت
I chose. I accepted. I said.

سمي الشيطان بإسمو وسمي الفنان كذاب
Call the devil by its name, and call the artist a liar.

نصف الاشياء يلي بحسها بتجي من الخيال
Half of the things I feel are coming from my imagination.

وإذا بناقد نفسي كلنا منحتوي أعداء
If I contradict myself, we all contain adversaries.

أنا اللي كبرت. أنا اللي قبلت. أنا اللي قلت
I grew older, I accepted, I said.

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  1. Samantha:

    Salam! my family is from Palestine so they speak Arabic constantly but I still don’t know how to speak it! i love your blog so much by the way! I listened to this song and I really like it and I know this is a lot to ask but I was wondering if you could translate the Arabic like into how it is pronounced in English. I think if I learned a song in Arabic it’d be really cool and impress my family.