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Hepta: The Movie Trailer – part 1 Posted by on Feb 22, 2021 in Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Welcome to a new post 🙂 In the last post, we started learning about a romantic movie Hepta هيبتا. We then studied the lyrics of the movie’s theme song. This week, we’re going to look at the 2-minute long trailer of the movie المقطع الترويجي للفيلم and learn what is actually being said (The Arabic variety spoken is Egyptian Arabic). Below, I’ve prepared Arabic subtitles of the the trailer.

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*This is a 2-part blog. In this first part, you will learn the subtitles of the trailer (in Egyptian ArabicEnglish). In the second part of this blog, you will learn the subtitles in Standard Arabic and have the chance to compare the two varieties.


Plot of the movie قصة الفيلم:

The film is a story told through a lecture محاضرة where the lecturer explains to his audience what he believes to be the 7 stages each love relationship has to go through. He does so through telling the details of the story of four couples, of different ages أعمار مختلفة and circumstances ظروف مختلفة.

I hope the subtitles provided below will motivate you to practice more and try to watch the movie or parts of it!

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The trailer >>







الحب هو اللي بيخلّي الواحد فينا يشوف معنى حلو للحياة

Love is what makes the one of us sees a beautiful meaning to life


أنا من وجهة نظري.. إن الحب لازم يعدّي بسبع مراحل

In my opinion, love has to go through 7 stages


رقم ٧ ده عجيب

This number 7 is strange


وبما إن ٧ رقم يرمز للكمال

Since number 7 is symbolic for perfection


علشان كده ما كانش غريب أبدا إن مراحل الحب المكتمل يبقو ٧ برضو

This is why it wasn’t strange at all that the stages of perfect love are also 7


“خلاص، عرفنا إنك بتقرا أفكار البشر”

“All right, we know that you read people’s minds”


“إنت بجدّ؟”

“Are you real”

“!لا.. عفريته”

“No, a genie!”


“أنا ما صدّقت لقيتك”

“I’ve finally found you”


“عارفه إن إنت بتحبّني”

“I know that you love me”

“وأنا بموت فيك”

“And I also love you to death”


“أنا مش عايز أكمّل”

“I don’t want to continue”


ممكن بداية الحب الحقيقي تكون نهاية قصة حب ما بين اتنين.. حبّهم كان بيتختنق

Maybe the beginning f real love is the end of a love story between two.. whose love was suffocated


“!عاوزة تعرفي إيه أكتر من إن أنا مجنون بيك؟”

“What else do you want to know besides that I’m crazy about you?!”


“إنت مين ها، إنت مين؟”

“Who are you, ha? Who are you?”


“أنا بحبّك”

“I love you”


“ما بتحبش ريحة الدخّان؟”

“You don’t like the smell of smoke?”

“ولا أنا”

“Me neither”


“أنا قرفانه من نفسي”

“I’m disgusted with myself”

“وأنا كمان”

“Me too”


“في يوم من الأيام، إنت كنتِ معاه وسبتيه علشاني”

“One day, you were with him and left him for me”


“!!في حاجة بتعمليها غلط”

“There something (wrong) you do wrong”


“أنا زهِقت”

“I’m fed up”


!تخيلّو كام علاقة زواج باظت بسبب الملل والرّوتين؟

Can you believe how many marriage relationships got ruined because of boredom and routine?


“أنا بسّ مش عايز حبّك ليا يبقى عبء عليكِ”

“I just don’t want your love for me to become a burden to you”


“من قبل ما توعد كدّاب، وكدبك بقى مقرف”

“Before you promise.. you’re a liar.. and your lying has become disgusting”


“تلِمّي نفسك”

“Behave yourself”


أسوأ طباع اللي بنحبّهم بنشوفها في مرحلة الحقيقة

The worst traits of those we love, we see in the truth stage


الجنان.. بيختفي

The craziness.. disappears

الحلم.. بيخلص

The dream.. finishes

الوعود.. بتتبخّر

Promises.. vanish


وما يبقاش قدامنا غير حقيقة الإنسان اللي ارتبطنا بيه

And nothing is left in front of us apart from the truth of the person we connected to (loved)


خلاص كده؟

That’s it?



It’s all dark?


ما فيش أمل يعني؟

Meaning there’s no hope?


!لأ في.. هيبتا

No there is.. Hepta!

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Stay tuned for the second part of this post 😉

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