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Hobbies: Do you have one and how can you talk about it in Arabic? Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar

Marhaba (مرحبا)!  Today I would like to talk about hobbies (الهواية/الهوايات). I will tell you all about my own hobbies and then consider some common hobbies from my personal experiences with family and friends. I will also teach you how to express (للتعبير عن) and talk about some common hobbies in Arabic.

Image by DucDigital on Flickr

Image by DucDigital on Flickr


A basic definition (تعريف) of a hobby (هواية) is that it is an activity performed by individuals for pleasure (من أجل المتعة) and during leisure time (وقت الفراغ). With school obligations, work duties (الواجبات), family responsibilities (المسؤوليات) and other related concerns, it is sometimes hard to have a hobby. Nevertheless, we should strive to create some time, because we always need some time to relax (الاسترخاء) and have fun.

My personal hobbies are: music (الموسيقى), reading (القراءة), cooking (الطبخ) and taking photographs (التصوير الفوتوغرافي). How can I talk about and introduce my hobbies to other friends, like you Arabic learners here? Well, let us begin first with discussing ‘I like’ before taking about different hobbies. The subject is ‘I’ (أنا) and the verb is ‘to like’ (أحب). After we write I like (انا أحب) we than mention these hobbies as direct objects. These are my hobbies and some examples.


I like listening to music —  انا أحب أن أسمع الموسيقى

I like listening to Arabic music – انا أحب أن أسمع الموسيقى العربية


I like reading books and magazines– انا أحب أن أقرأ الكتب والمجلاّت

I like reading Arabic poetry and literature – انا أحب أن أقرأ الشعر والأدب العربي


I like cooking – انا أحب الطبخ

I like cooking Lebanese dishes – انا أحب أن أطبخ الأطباق اللبنانية

I like cooking for family and friends – انا أحب أن أطبخ لعائلتي وأصدقائي


I like taking photographs- انا أحب أن آخذ صور فوتوغرافية

I like taking photographs of mosques and churches in the Arab world –انا أحب أن آخذ صور فوتوغرافية للجوامع والكنائس في العالم العربي

What are some common hobbies that my family and friends engage in? Some of these hobbies include singing, watching movies, surfing the net, meeting new friends, basketball, and football. If you share some of these hobbies, how can you talk about them in Arabic?


I like singing — انا أحب الغناء

Watching movies:

I like watching movies – انا أحب مشاهدة الافلام

The Internet:

I like surfing the net — انا أحب التصفُّح على الانترنت

Meeting new friends:

I like meeting new friends – انا أحب التعرف على أصدقاء جُدد


I like playing basketball — انا أحب أن ألعب كرة السلّة


I like playing football –القدم انا أحب أن ألعب كرة

So now you know more about my hobbies and what some members of my family and friends do during their leisure time. What about you? What is your hobby? Tomorrow you will have the chance to talk more about your hobby. Stay tuned for the ‘Wordy Wednesday’ activity of the new MWF Initiative. Tomorrow on Wednesday, I will ask you all to tell me more about your hobbies in Arabic on our Facebook page. I look forward to hearing more about your hobbies in Arabic!!

Stay tuned for the Wordy Wednesday activity and upcoming posts.

Have a nice day!

نهاركم سعيد

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