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Honey Apple Cinnamon Snack Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! The beautiful Fall season is in full swing! I hope you had the chance to witness some of nature’s changing beauty. Today, I am going to share a very easy Fall recipe that my wife and I use every. Although you can prepare this anytime of the year, I just feel that it tastes better during the fall season largely due to the fact that apples are crispier, juicier, and tastier. You might find many variations of this recipe in the Arab world and beyond, but my wife and I prepare it exactly this way. We call it ‘Honey Apple Cinnamon Snack.’ Please note that I have translated the entire recipe to Arabic! I am sure this helps with your learning, especially in such a fun and easy way!

Apple Wedges with Cinnamon | Image by Whitney

Apple Wedges with Cinnamon | Image by Whitney


  • 3 apples- any red apples should be fine, as long as they’re ripe
  • 4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder (you could use more or less depending on your love for cinnamon)
  • 2 tablespoons of natural honey
  • ½ cup of orange juice (we sometimes combine orange and apple juice together)
  • ½ cup of pecan nuts
Apple Cinnamon | Image by Mallory Dash

Apple Cinnamon | Image by Mallory Dash


  • Slice the apples into similar wedges, keeping the skin
  • In a large bowl, add the apple wedges, cinnamon powder, honey, and the juice
  • Mix all ingredients well
  • Add pecan nuts to the mix

تفاح بالعسل والقرفة


  ثلاث (3) تفاحات – ممكن استخدام أي نوع من التفاح شرط أن يكون ناضج

أربع (4) ملاعق من القرفة الناعمة (ممكن استخدام أكثر أو أقل حسب الذوق)

ملعقتان (2) من العسل الطبيعي

نصف (2/1) كوب من عصير البرتقال (أحياناً نضيف عصير التفاح مع عصير البرتقال)

نصف (2/1) كوب من الجوز

Pecan Nuts & Apples | Image by Whitney

Pecan Nuts & Apples | Image by Whitney


قطِّعوا التفاح الى شرحات متماثلة مع الابقاء على القشرة

في وعاء كبير امزجوا شرحات التفاح, القرفة, العسل, والعصير

اخلطوا كل المكونات جيداً

أضيفوا الجوز

It’s more of an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of apple cider! If you’re really craving something sweet, you can add some whipped cream. This makes it a savory sweet and sour afternoon snack! Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!



Stay tuned for upcoming posts!!

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