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In the Square We Met My Love Posted by on Oct 29, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! In the past I have introduced you all to one my favorite Arab musicians and singers, the great late Wadih el Safi (وديع الصافي). Known as the Voice of Lebanon, Safi has produced multiple masterpieces that have become part of Lebanese culture and folklore. He is by far a cultural icon in the Arab world and he is surely missed by millions of Arabs in the Middle East and around the world. Today, I am sharing one of Safi’s most recognized songs called ‘Bil Saha Tala’ayna’ (بالساحة تلاقينا) which translates to ‘In the Square We Met.’ It’s a beautiful descriptive song of a person’s infatuation towards a beautiful lady that he saw in the village square. I have added the YouTube video of the song. I have also added the lyrics in Arabic and I have translated them to English so that you can follow with the song.

Wadih el Safi – In the Square We Met | وديع الصافي – بالساحة تلاقينا

بالساحة تلاقينا بالساحة عليها جوز عيون شو دباحة

In the square we met, She’s got a killer pair of eyes on her
وقامة يخزي العين والخدين تفاحة بتغار من تفاحة

And a body that puts the evil eye to shame, And her cheeks are like an apple that would make an apple jealous
لاموني العزال والقرايب جابولي الخلان والحبايب

The meddlers and the relatives blamed me, They brought me lovers and sweethearts
قلتلها يا بنت قلبي دايب قالت ما بهواك بالصراحة

I told her ‘Girl, my heart is melting’, She said ‘frankly, I don’t want you’
حني عالمشتاق ناطر بسمة بتردله الروح لو تبتسمي

Take pity on this yearning man waiting for a smile, It would raise his spirits if you would just smile
وكل ما صوب الحي مرت نسمة ببعتلك سلام تحت جناحها

And whenever a breeze passes through the neighborhood, I send you my regards under its wing
يا قلبي لوين لاحق دربه طاوعني يا قلب وانسى حبها

My heart, to where are you going to follow her? Obey me, my heart, and forget her love
قالتلي ما بريد تتعب قلبك قلتلها يا روحي تعبك راحة

She told me ‘I don’t want you to tire your heart’ I told her ‘My soul, getting tired for you is my pleasure’

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نهاركم سعيد

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  1. Noor mear:

    I really appreciate your blog
    im a non arab speaker but i loooove poetry
    jazakillah khairan for brightening my eyes to such beautiful words
    im5 years too late

    • jesa:

      @Noor mear I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s never too late to follow your dreams, especially if you have plans to learn Arabic. take care and stay tuned 🙂