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Inna and Sisters (Part 1) Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

   Inna and Sisters إنَّ و أخــواتــهــــــــا  (Part 1) 

We are still dealing with the Arabic grammar, sailing farther and deeper everyday. In some earlier  post, we have summed up all about the Nominal Sentence. In another, we studied the verbs of Kana / Kada and their sisters and the effect they do to the Mubtada and the Khabar. Today, we will be introduced to some other particles حــُــــروف ; not verbs, that affect the Mubtada and the Khabar. These particles are called Inna and sisters. The effect of Inna and Sisters on the Mubtada and the Khabar is different from that of Kana / Kada and Sisters. Inna and Sisters precede the Mubtada and the Khabar in the nominal sentence but they cause the Mubtada to be in the Nasb النصب (accusative) Case which means that it has a Fat’ha on its ending letter. The case of the Khabar remains in the Rafe’ الرفع (subject) case which means that it (the Khabar) has a Dam’mah on its ending letter.

      When Inna and Sisters start a nominal sentence, the name of the Mubtada changes to “Noun / Ism of Inna and Sisters اسم إنّ و أخواتها “. The name of the Khabar also changes to “Khabar of Inna and sisters خبر إنّ و أخواتها

        Now, what are the other sisters of Inna? The particles of Inna and Sisters are:

إنَّ / أنَّ / كـَـــأنَّ / لـَــكـِــنْ / لـَـــيــتَ / لـَــعــَـــلَّ

  To be continued


Check us back soon

Peace ســـَــــلام /Salam/

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