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Introduce yourself in Modern Standard Arabic Posted by on Nov 4, 2020 in Arabic Language, introduction

How well can you introduce yourself in Arabic? If I were to ask you to tell me a bit about yourself in Arabic, what would you include in your introduction? How would you phrase your sentences? In this post, I thought we’d look at a couple of example introductions with audio of hypothetical people to help us put together our own introduction.

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Before looking at the examples, let’s think about what an introduction could include. Of course, the basics such as name, where you are from or where do you live, nationality, etc. We could also add where we study/studied or work, something we like to do in our free time, and why we are learning Arabic. We could also say if we are married or have children and other details you would like to include.

Example one:

مَرحباً، أنا اسمي دارلا. أسكنُ في مدينة شيكاغو مَع زَوجي وبِنتي. الآن أعملُ في السَّفارة الأردنية. تَخَصَصْتُ في الدِّراسات الشَّرق الأوسَط إضافةً إلى اللُغة العَرَبية. أتَحَدَث اللُغة العَرَبية يَومِياً مَع زُمَلائي في العَمل ودائِماً أتَعَلمُ كَلِمات عَرَبية جَديدة. زُرْتُ الأردن عِدة مَرات وبَدأتُ أتَعَلَم اللَهجة الأردنية العَامية. في وَقت الفَراغ، أحبُ التَخييم مَع عائِلتي في أماكِن طَبيعية جَميلة

Hello, my name is Darla. I live in the city of Chicago with my husband and daughter. I now work at the Jordanian embassy. I majored in Middle Eastern studies in addition to the Arabic language. I speak Arabic daily with my colleagues at work and always learn new Arabic words. I have visited Jordan many times and have begun learning the Jordanian dialect. In my free time, I like camping with my family in places where there is beautiful nature.

Example two:

مَرحباً، أنا فرانسيسكو. أنا إيطالي مِن مَدينة روما. أحبُ السَّفر كثيراً. سافرتُ إلى بَعض الدول العَرَبية مِثْل مَصر وفِلَسطين ولُبنان. أحبُ اللُغات بِشِكل عام. وفي رأيي، اللُغة العَرَبية هي لُغة جِداً مُمَيزة لِذلك بَدأتُ أتَعَلَمُها عَن طَريق الإنترنت ومِن خِلال السَّفر والتَعَرف على ناس يَتَكلمون اللُغة العَرَبية. أنا لَستُ مُتَزَوِج. أسكنُ في شِقة صَغيرة في وَسط المَدينة مَع أخي الكَبير وكَلبُنا الصَّغير

Hi, I’m Francesco. I’m Italian from the city of Rome. I love traveling very much. I have traveled to a few Arab countries such as Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon. I love languages in general. In my opinion, the Arabic language is a very unique language which is why I began learning it on the internet and through traveling and getting to know other Arabic speakers. I’m not married. I live in a small apartment in the center of the city with my older brother and our little dog.

Your turn! Notice how both introductions don’t necessarily have the same order and include the same type of information. Now try putting together your own introduction. 😊

Hope you found this post useful. Till next week happy Arabic learning! 😊

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