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Learn the 10 Most Common Words about Crime in Arabic (2) Posted by on May 3, 2016 in Arabic Language

Marhaba! I am positive you learned something new and/or refreshed your memory from the previous post on the 10 most common words about crime in Arabic. Hope you all enjoyed solving the crossword puzzle! In this post I am sharing the answers to the Arabic crossword puzzle and some examples of how you can use these words in a sentence. I have also transliterated and translated every example so that you can learn how to read and pronounce every sentence accurately. Always think of these exercises as a source of vocabulary and a repertoire of building blocks for your speaking, writing, and reading! Stay tuned for more exciting Arabic exercises.

Image by mosaic36 via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Image by mosaic36 via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Crime – جريمة
Example: The horrific crime occurred yesterday morning.
Translation: الجريمة الشنيعة وقعت البارحة صباحاً
Transliteration: al-ja-ri-ma al-sha-ni-‘a wa-qa-‘at al-ba-ri-ha sa-ba-han

Criminal – مجرم
Example: The criminal was apprehended by the police.
Translation: قبضت الشرطة على المجرم
Transliteration: Qa-ba-dat al-shur-ta a-la al-muj-rim

Murderer – سفاح
Example: The murderer is asking for mercy.
Translation: السفاح يطلب الرحمة
Transliteration: al-sa-fah yat-lub al-rah-ma

Victim – ضحية
Example: The victim was a young boy.
Translation: ولد صغير كان الضحية
Transliteration: Wa-lad sa-ghir ka-na al-da-hi-ya

Suspect – مشتبه
Example: The suspect was caught one kilometer away from the crime scene.
Translation: ألقي القبض على المشتبه به على بُعد كيلومتر واحد من مسرح الجريمة
Transliteration: Ul-qi-ya al-qa-bid a-la al-mush-ta-bah bih a-la bu-‘id ki-lo-me-tir wa-hid min mas-rah al-ja-ri-ma

Illegal – غير قانوني
Example: It is illegal to play loud music after 10 pm.
Translation: انه غير قانوني لعب الموسيقى الصاخبة بعد الساعة العاشرة ليلاً
Transliteration: I-na-hu ghayr qa-nu-ni li-‘b al-mu-si-qa al-sa-khi-ba ba-‘id al-sa-‘a al-‘a-shi-ra lay-lan

Indictment – اتهام
Example: The indictment will lead to his immediate deportation.
Translation: الاتهام سيؤدي الى ترحيله حالاً
Transliteration: Al-i-ti-ham sa-yu-’a-di i-la tar-hi-li-hi ha-lan

Prisoner – سجين
Example: The prisoner has been set free.
Translation: أطلق سراح السجين
Transliteration: Ut-li-qa sa-rah al-sa-jin

Confession – اعتراف
Example: The criminal’s confession was the strongest form of evidence in the case.
Translation: اعتراف المجرم كان أقوى نوع دليل في القضية
Transliteration: I‘-ti-raf al-muj-rim ka-na aq-wa naw‘ da-lil fi al-qa-di-ya

Arrest – اعتقال
Example: The arrest of the street gang brought peace to the neighborhood.
Translation: اعتقال عصابة الشارع جلب السلام الى الحيّ
Transliteration: I‘-ti-qal ‘u-sa-bat al-sha-ri‘ ja-la-ba al-sa-lam i-la al-hay

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