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Let It Go, Arabized and Localized Posted by on Apr 10, 2016 in Culture

In this post, I present the Disney song “Let it go” in it original, Arabized and Egyptianized versions. I read an article today about localization, and it said that the localized versions are usually produced in the specific countries they are intended for, and they often adapt to the local culture by using values and imagery pertinent to the local culture. It is very interesting to see the difference between the original, Arabized and Egyptianized versions, e.g. Let it go is Arabized into (أطلقي سركِ) which means (reveal your secret), while the Egyptian version translates it into (كفاية) which means (enough)! As an Egyptian, I think that the choice of the word is perfect, and it expresses the mood in the culture very well, however, I like the Arabized version more!

The videos come with subtitles in Arabic and English, so they are very easy to follow! Enjoy the variety!

Origianl video

Arabized veriosn,

Localized veriosn (Egypt)

After you listen to all the versions, think of what you like or don’t like about the Arabized and localised (Egyptian) versions.

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