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Moving on to our twenty seventh letter of the Arabic alphabet (و), we will look at various words beginning with (و) along with more culture/language related facts.

Let’s begin with looking at your basic forms of the letter و.

Initial و‎, as in the word “واحِد” meaning “one”.

Medial ـو‎ ‍, as in the word “ضَوْء” meaning “light”.

Final ـو‎, as in the word “عَدو” meaning “enemy”.

Before looking at the following words, can you think of words beginning with و?

وَلَد : boy .لا تَتَصَرَف مِثْل الوَلَد الصَّغير   Don’t behave like a little boy.

وَجَدَ: to find  .لَقد وَجدتُ مَفاتيحي خَلْف الباب   I found my keys behind the door.

وَجْه: face  .أغسلُ وَجهي كُل صَباح  I wash my face every morning.

وَرْدة: rose/flower  .أعطى والدته الورود لعيد الأم  He gave his mother roses for Mother’s day.

وَصَلَ: to arrive  .وَصَلت مُتأخرة إلى الإجتماع  She arrived late to the meeting.

وَضَعَ: to put !لا تَضع حِذائك على السّرير  Don’t put your shoes on the bed!

وَطَن: homeland  .كتبتُ قصيدة عَن وَطَني  I wrote a poem about my homeland.

Image by lSAHOOMl on

Here is a beautiful song by the Lebanese singer فيروز  Fairouz called وَطَني meaning “my homeland” with Arabic subtitles to help you follow along. 😊 The second link has the song written in Arabic next to its English translation to help you understand the meaning and compare words.

وطني فيروز مع الكلمات

وطني (English translation)




وَقْت: a period of time  .ليسَ لدي وَقت لِمُشاهدة فيلم الليلة

I don’t have time to watch a movie tonight.

واجِب: duty/homework/required  .مِن واجبي أن أخدمُ بَلَدي

It is my duty to serve my country.

وافَقَ: to agree  .أنا لا أتَفِق مَعك  I don’t agree with you.

وَصْفة: recipe  .ليسَ لَدي جَميع مُكونات هذه الوَصفة

I don’t have all the ingredients for this recipe.

وِلاية: state as in one of the parts that some countries are divided into

.أعيشُ في الوِلايات المُتَحِدة الأمريكية   I live in the United States of America.

وَجْبة: meal .أنا أتَناولُ ثلاث وَجبات في اليَوم   I eat three meals a day.

Image via Pixabay

الوَجبات السَّريعة: fast food

هَل تأكل الوَجبات السَّريعة غالِباً؟

Do you often eat fast food?

Here is a short clip defining what types of food are considered to be وَجبات سَريعة.

ما هي الوجبات السريعة؟

Below is a second clip talking about the amount of سُعرات حَراريّة calories in types of fast food and the amount of خُطوات steps needed to walk to burn them. In addition to the types of sicknesses you can get if you eat too much وَجبات سَريعة and don’t مُمارسة الرِّياضه exercise. It ends with نَصيحة advice on how to يَمْنَع prevent such sicknesses.

توعية الشباب _ الوجبات السريعة

Till next week, happy Arabic learning! 😊

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