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Listening Comprehension, current news Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

Listen to the news story in the video, and answer the following questions. You can use the vocabulary items presented below to assist your comprehension.



  1. How many soldiers did the Algerian Ministry of Defence deploy?
  2. Why was this action taken?
  3. Where were the forces deployed?
  4. What did the security source say about this issue?
  5. When was the Algerian Embassy in Tripoli evacuated?


استنفرت  = deployed

وزارة الدفاع  = Ministry of Defence

عسكرى  = soldier/military

تحضير  = preparation

مرتبطة بـ = linked to

هجمات  = attacks

مصدر = source

أمنى  = security

فرض  = imposed

إخلاء   = evacuation

السفارة  = embassy


Please come back again soon to check the answers and the transcription of the news story.

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