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Listening Comprehension, divorce Posted by on Jan 25, 2015 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary


In this post, I present a listening comprehension exercise. Listen to the report (from the beginning to 1:05 only), and answer the questions. You can use the vocabulary list below to facilitate your comprehension.


Answer the following questions in English:

  1. How did divorce rates change lately in Arab societies?

  2. How many divorces happened in Egypt last year?

  3. When do most divorces happen?

  4. How many divorces happen every hour in Egypt?

  5. What does this indicate?

Useful Vocabulary:

ظاهرة = phenomenon

الطلاق = divorce

المجتمعات = societies

ارتفاعاً قياسياً = a record increase

إحصاءات = statistics

خطر = danger

تزايد = increase

تقارير = reports

زيجات = marriages

مؤشر = indicator

تراجع = regress

النظام الأسري = the family system

يطرح تساؤلاً = pose a question

ارتفاع = rise

معدلات = rates


Come back again tomorrow to check the answers and to read the transcription.



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  1. maryouma:

    is it possible to have the whole vocabulary and text of the video. I would like to understand, very interesting topic.
    thank you