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Listening Comprehension- Miss Ronde France – answers Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

In this post, I present the answers of the listening comprehension exercise presented earlier, and the transcription of the news story. There is also a list of useful vocabulary.



أقيم في فرنسا حفل انتخاب ملكة جمال البدانة، وفازت جوليا كاستيللي بهذا اللقب لعام 2013. حسب ما أوردت مجلة “باري ماتش”، وقد جرت المنافسة بين 24 مرشحة، وأعربت الفائزة والتي تبلغ من العمر 22 عاماً عن سعادتها في أن تصبح سفيرة لجيل جديد من النساء البدينات.

Questions and answers:

1- Where was the Miss Ronde competition held?

The competition was held in Frnace.

2- Who won the competition?

Julia Castelli won the competition.

3- How many contestants entered the competition?

There were 24 contestants in the competition.

4- How old is the winner?

The winner is 22 years old.

5- What did the winner say?

The winner said that she was happy to be an ambassador for a new generation of obese women.

Useful Vocabulary:

ملكة جمال البدانة = Miss Ronde France

أقيم = was held

انتخاب = election

ملكة جمال = beauty queen

البدانة = obesity

فاز = won

اللقب = the title

مجلة = magazine

المنافسة = competition

مرشح = candidate

أعرب = expressed

عمر = age

سعادة = happiness

سفير = ambassador

جيل = generation

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