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Nature in Arabic Posted by on Jul 3, 2019 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

The purpose of this post is to help you name things you see outside every day in Arabic. Such as, trees, sky, grass, etc. It’s good practice to always try to name what you see to help you remember. We don’t all have language partners to practice the language with. Sometimes we have to say things out loud on our own, otherwise we’re only reading or listening to the language and never strengthening our speaking and pronunciation skills. You can say simple sentences. For example, “That is a green tree” or “The sky is blue.” No need to make complex sentences. Just try and practice your Arabic language skills in real life outside of a textbook and you’ll be sure to see an improvement. 🤗

Below, I’ve made a word cloud with all these nature related vocabulary words. Go ahead and save it as something to refer to when practicing your vocab. 🌄

Image provided by Yasmine K.

nature طَبيعة     tree  شَجَرة     grass  عُشْب      flower  زَهْرة   

sky  سَماء   sun  شَمْس      moon   قَمَر      star  نَجْمة         rock  صَخْرة

mountain  جَبَل      bird  طائر      cloud    غَيْمة      butterfly  فَراشة   

river  نَهْر       lake  بُحَيْرة        ocean  مُحيط        sea  بَحْر       

forest  غابة      animal حَيَوان         insect  حَشَرة

Note: Some Arabic speakers when in awe of nature will say سُبحان الله meaning Glory be to God.

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