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Nizar Qabbani; “Unlimited Love” Part I Posted by on Aug 29, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

   Ahlan أهــْــلاً Arabic lovers! Today, I am presenting a very beautiful love poem by the great Arab poet Nizar Qabbani نــِــزَار قــَــبــَّــانــِــي. The poem is entitled “Unlimited Love حــُــبٌّ بــِــلا حــُــدُود“. Since the poem is very long, I will post it in two parts. I have also posted a youtube video reciting the whole poem in Arabic so that you can listen to the poem as long as reading it in both Arabic and English. I made the English translation for the poem and I hope you will love it.

يــَــا ســَـــيــِّــدَتــِــي 

O, Mistress:

كــُــنــْــتِ أَهــَــمَّ اِمــْــرَأةٍ فــِــي تــَــاريــِــخــِــي

You were the most important woman in my history

قــَــبــْــلَ رَحــِــيــلِ الــعــَــامْ 

Before the year passes

أَنــْــتِ الآنَ .. أهــَــمُّ اِمــْــرَأةٍ

Now, you are the most important woman

بــَــعــْــدَ وِلادَةِ هــَــذا الــعــَــامْ 

After the birth of this year

أنــْــتِ اِمــْــرَأةٌ لا أَحــْــســُـــبــُــهــَــا بــِــالــســَّــاعــَــاتِ وَ بــِــالأيــَّــامْ 

You are a woman that I don’t count by hours or days

أنــْــتِ اِمــْــرَأةٌ 

You are a woman ..

صــُــنــِــعــَــتْ مــِــنْ فــَــاكــِــهــَــةِ الــشــِّــعــْــرِ 

Made from the fruits of poetry ..

وَ مــِــنْ ذَهــَــبِ الأحــْــلامْ 

And from the gold of dreams ..

أنــْــتِ اِمــْــرَأةٌ .. كــَــانــَــتْ تــَــســْــكــُــنُ جــَــســَــدِي

You are a woman .. that lived in my body

قــَــبــْــلَ مــَــلايــيــنِ الأعــْـــوَامْ   

Millions of years ago..

يــَــا ســَــيــِّــدَتــِــي 

O, Mistress

يــَــالــْــمــَــغــْـــزُولــَــةُ مــِــنْ قــُــطــْــنٍ وَ غــَــمــَــامْ 

O, you that are woven from cotton and cloud

يــَــا أمــْــطــَــاراً مــِــنْ يــَــاقــُــوتٍ  

O, you that are rains of sapphire..

يــَــا أنــْــهــَــاراً مــِــنْ نــَــهــَــاوِنــْــدٍ ..

O, you that are rivers ofNahawind (music)

يــَــا غــَــابــَــاتِ رُخــَـــام ..

O, you that are woods of marble

يــَــا مــَــنْ تــَــســْـــبــَــحُ كــَــالأســْـــمــَـــاكِ بــِــمــَـــاءِ الــقــَـــلــْـــبِ ..

O, you that swims like fish in the heart waters

وَ تــَــســْــكــُــنُ فــِــي الــعــَــيــْـــنــَـــيــْـــنِ كــَـــســِـــرْبِ حــَــمــَـــامْ .

And dwells in the eyes like a flock of doves 

لــَــنْ يــَــتــَــغــَـــيــَّـــرَ شــَــيءٌ فــِــي عــَــاطــِــفــَـــتــِـــي ..

Nothing will change in my feelings,

فــِــي إِحــْـــســَـــاســِــي ..

In my sensation,

فــِــي وِجــْــدَانــِــي .. فــِــي إِيــمــَـــانــِــي ..

In my heart .. in my faith ..  

فــَــأنــَــا ســَــوْفَ أَظـــَـــلُّ عــَــلــى دِينِ الإســْـــلامْ ..  

For I will still follow Islam

يــَــا ســَـــيــِّـــدَتــِــي :

O, Mistress:

لا تــَــهــْـــتــّـــمــِــي فــِــي إيــقــَـــاعِ الــوَقــْـــتِ وَ أســْـــمــَــاءِ الــســَــنــَـــوَاتْ 

Do not care for the rhythm of Time or the names of years.

أنــْــتِ اِمــْـــرَأةٌ تــَــبــْـــقــَــى اِمــْـــرَأةً .. فــِــي كــُـــلِّ الأوْقــَـــاتْ 

You are a woman that remain a woman .. in all times

ســَــوْفَ أُحـــِــــبـــُّــــكِ ..

I will love you ..

عــِــنــْــدَ دُخــُــولِ الــقــَــرْنِ الــوَاحــِـــدِ وَ الــعــِــشــْـــريــنَ ..

When the twenty-first century comes in ..

وَ عــِــنــْــدَ دُخــُـــولِ الــقــَـــرْنِ الــخــَــامــِــسِ وَ الــعــِــشــْــريـــنَ ..

And when the twenty-fifth century comes in ..

وَ عــِــنــْــدَ دُخــُــولِ الــقــَــرْنِ الــتــَّــاســِــعِ وَ الــعــِــشــْــريــنَ ..

And when the twenty-ninth century comes in ..

وَ ســَـــوْفَ أحــِــبـــُّــكِ ..

And I will love you ..

حــِــيــنَ تــَــجــِــفُّ مــِــيــَـــاهُ الــبـــَـــحــْـــرِ ..

When the sea waters run out

وَ تــَـــحــْـــتــَــرِقُ الــغــَـــابــَــاتْ ..  

And the woods burn down

يــَــا ســَـــيــِّـــدَتــِــي :

O, Mistress:

أنــْــتِ خــُــلاصــَـــةُ كــُــلِّ الــشــِّــعــْـــرِ ..

You are the overall poetry

وَ وَرْدَةُ كــُــلِّ الــحــُــرِّيــَّــاتْ 

And the rose of all freedoms

يــَــكــْــفــِــي أنْ أتــَــهــَــجــَّــى إســْــمــَــكِ ..

It is enough to spell your name

حــَــتــَّــى أُصــْــبــُــحُ مــَــلــِــكَ الــشــِّــعــْــرِ ..

For me to become king of poetry

وَ فــِــرْعــَــوْنَ الــكــَــلــِــمــَـــاتْ ..

And pharaoh of words

يــَــكــْــفــِــي أنْ تــَــعــْــشــَــقــَــنــِــي اِمــْــرَأةٌ مــِــثــْــلــُــكِ ..

It is enough for me to be loved by a woman like you ..

حــَــتــَّــى أدْخـــُـــلَ فــِــي كــُــتــِــبِ الــتــَّـاريـــخِ ..

For me to come into history books

وَ تـــُـــرْفــَــعُ مــِــنْ أجــْــلــِــيَ الــرَّايــَــاتْ ..  

And to have flags raised for me..

يــَــا ســَــيـــِّـــدَتــِــي :

O, Mistress:

لا تــَــضــْــطــَــرِبــِــي مــِــثــْـــلَ الــطــَّـــائــِـــرِ فــِــي زَمــَـــنِ الأعــْـــيــَـــادْ 

Do not panic like a bird at the time of feasts

لــَــنْ يـــَـــتــَـــغــَـــيــَّــــرَ شــَـــيءٌ مــِـــنــّــي 

Nothing will change in me

لــَــنْ يــَــتــَــوَقـــَّــفَ نــَــهــْـــرُ الــحــُّـــبِّ عــَــنِ الــجــَـــرَيــَـــانْ 

The love river will not stop flowing

لــَــنْ يــَــتــَــوَقــَّـــفَ نـــَـــبــْـــضُ الــقــَــلــْــبِ عــَـــنِ الــخـــَـــفــَـــقـــَـــانْ 

The heart pulse will not stop beating

لــَــنْ يــَــتــَــوَقــَّـــفَ حــَــجــَـــلُ الــشــِّــعــْـــرِ عــَــنِ الــطــَــيــَــرَانْ 

The poetry partridge will not stop flying

حــِــيــنَ يــَــكــُــونُ الــحــُـــبُّ كــَــبــِــيــراً..

When love is grand..

وَ الــمــَــحــْــبــُـــوبــَـــةُ قــَــمــَــراً ..

And the beloved is a moon..

لــَــنْ يــَــتــَــحــَـــوَّلُ هــَـــذا الــحــُـــبُّ

This love will not change

لــِــحــْــزْمـــَـــةِ قــــَـــشٍّ تــَـــأكــُــلــُــهــَــا الــنــِــيـــرَانْ  

Into a pack of hay eaten by fires …

To Be Continued …….. 


Check us back soon 

Peace  ســَـــلام  /Salam/ 

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  1. Bethany Deems:

    awesome article, thank you!

  2. Oscr:

    Are your poems written in standard arabic?

    • Fisal:

      @Oscr This is MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) as the poet is a contemporary one 🙂