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Plural or singular? Posted by on Nov 24, 2017 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

Some English words are always plural, e.g.  trousers,  jeans, socks, scissors, tweezers, glasses, spectacles, among others.

When translating these words into Arabic, we have singular nouns, e.g.


trousers = سروال / بنطال

هذا السروال قصير جداً.

These trousers are very short.

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jeans = جينز

هل هذا الجينز جديد؟

Are these jeans new?

socks = جورب

فقدت جوربي تحت السرير.

I lost my socks under the bed.


scissors = مقص

أعطني هذا المقص.

Give me these scissors.

tweezers = ملقط

الجراح يحتاج ملقط جراحي جديد.

The surgeon needs new surgical tweezers.

glasses, spectacles = نظارة

هذه النظارة غالية جداً.

These glasses are very expensive.


In all these cases, the Arabic words are singular and al the accompanying agreement rules reflect this, e.g. the use of (هذا), while the English words are plural and the accompanying agreement rules reflect this.




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