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In this post, I present a very brief and interesting listening comprehension exercise. The news report below summarizes the day news in just one minute. Listen to the news headlines and answer the questions that follow.

Use the vocabulary list at the end to help with your comprehension.

Answer the following questions in Arabic:

  1. أين يطلق العراق آخر عملياته العسكرية، ولماذا؟

  2. كيف تعمّق الخطوط الجوية الصينية عزلة كوريا الشمالية؟

  3. من الذي سرق بيانات 57 مليوناً من مستخدمي أوبر؟

Answer the following questions in English:

  1. How much did Ober pay in ransom?

  2. What is the scandal that Apple faces?

  3. When is Galaxy S9 coming?

Useful Vocabulary:

يطلق = launch

عمليات عسكرية = Military operations

قضاء على = Eliminate

تطهير = cleansing

عزلة = isolation

تعليق = Suspension

قراصنة = Pirates

بيانات = data

اختراق = break into

قاعدة بيانات = database

فدية = ransom

الإفصاح = disclose

فضيحة = scandal

أنباء = news

تقارير = reports

تشغيل = employing

تجميع = assembling

الهاتف = phone

Come back again soon to check out the answers and read the transcription of the news report.


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