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Egyptian Arabic Proverbs Posted by on Mar 27, 2009 in Culture

Proverbs (الأمثال الشعبية) are an integral and a very prominent aspect of Arab culture. Each country has its own proverbs which reflect people’s nature and their beliefs. Proverbs are related to people’s everyday life and reflect their distinctive way of thinking about various situations. They have an important role in passing wisdom from one generation to another and consolidating social values. Some regard proverbs as an oral record of the societies’ history and values. all The following proverbs are Egyptian.

امشي سنة ولا تخطّي قنا.

Walk for a year, and do not cross a canal. (Meaning: do not take any risks)

ميّه من تحت تبن.

Water beneath hay (meaning: not to be trusted)

قد لحافك مد رجليك.

Stretch your feet to the length of your duvet (meaning: do not exceed your

إذ كان حبيبك عسل، ما تلحشوس كله.

If your sweetheart is honey, do not lick it all. (Meaning: do not be too demanding)

من خاف سلم.

He who fears will remain safe.

إدّى العيش لخبازه  ولو ياكل نصه.

Leave baking for the baker, even if he eats half of the bread. (Meaning: let specialists do the job even if they charge more).

الطمع يقل ما جمع.

The greedy collects less.

اللي بيته من قزاز مايحدّفش الناس بالطوب .

He who lives in a house of glass should not throw stones at others.

إيد لوحدها ماتسقّفش .

No one can clap with only one hand. (Meaning: People need to cooperate to achieve common goals.)

اختار الجار قبل الدار

Choose the neighbor before the house.


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