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Queens of Syria, Listening Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

Listen to the story below and answer the questions that follow. You only need the first minute of the video.

You can use the additional vocabulary list to assist your comprehension.

A. Translate the following sentence:

وجدت فاطمة وريم سوريتان نزحتا بسبب الحرب في بلدهما العزاء في المسرح والتمثيل.

B. Answer the following questions in English:

  • When and how did the project start?

  • What was “Queens of Syria” adapted from?

  • Where will the production be performed this week?

C. Answer the following questions in Arabic:

  • ما عدد المشاركات في العرض؟

  • متى وأين عرضت المسرحية للمرة الأولى؟

  • أين يعرض الأداء الأول في بريطانيا ؟

Additional Vocabulary:

نزح  = were displaced

الحرب = war

العزاء = solace

المسرح = theatre

التمثيل = acting

إنتاج = production

مشروع = project

اقتباس = adaptation

تعديل = modification

مأساة = tragedy

نساء طروادة = Trojan Women

لاجئة = refugee

أحداث = events

عرض = was shown

هرب = escaped

المخرجة المساعدة = assistant director

البروفات = rehearsals

Come back again soon to check out the answers and transcription!

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