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Ramadan Vocabulary Posted by on May 21, 2019 in Arabic Language, Islam, Language, Religion, Vocabulary

Marhaba! Ramadan is the Holy month in which the Muslims fast, pray and reflect. Here are some of the words and expressions related to this month :

  1. Ramadan : رمضان
  2. Ramadan Kareem : رمضان كريم . It’s what is said to celebrate this holiday.
  3. The Holy Month :  Al Shahr Al Fadeel.  AR : الشهر الفضيل
  4. The Fast : Al Sawm. AR : الصوم
  5. The Predawn Meal : Al Suhoor. AR : السحور
  6. The Night feast to break the fast : Al Iftar. AR : الإفطار
  7. The Prayer : Al Salat. AR : الصلاة
  8. Good Deed : Al Taqwa. AR : التقوى
  9. Spiritual Reward :  Al Thawab. AR : الثواب
  10. The Holy Quran : Al Kuraan al Kareem. AR: القرأن الكريم
  11. The Crescent Moon : Al Hilal. AR : الهلال
  12. The Holiday : Eid Al-Fitr. AR : عيد الفطر
  13. Compulsory Charity : Al Zakat. AR : الزكاة
  14. Nightly Prayers : Al Tarawih. AR : التراويح

Ramadan Kareem !

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