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Things You Wear in Arabic Besides Clothes Posted by on May 22, 2019 in Arabic Language, Dialect, Language, Vocabulary

In this post we’ll look at things we wear besides clothes such as accessories, headphones, makeup, etc, in both MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) and Levantine Arabic (dialect of the Levantine countries; Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan).

Let’s look at accessories in Arabic with example sentences. 😊


.هذهِ السَّاعة كانَت هَدية مِن أَخي    This watch was a gift from my brother.

Note: The word ساعة can also mean “clock” and “hour”. For example:

كَم السَّاعة؟   What time is it? Literal translation: “How much is the hour?”

.لَستُ عندي ساعة في غُرفَتي     I don’t have a clock in my room.

makeup: ماكياج

.لا تُحِب أن تَضَع المَكياج على وَجهُها      She doesn’t like putting makeup on her face.

jewelry: مُجَوْهَرات

!المُجَوْهَرات في هذا السوق غالية جِداً       The jewelry at this market is very expensive!

ring: خَاتِم

.لَبِسَت خاتِم مِن الذَّهب         She wore a ring of gold.

bracelet: سُوار

 .أُريد أن أشتري سُوار مِن الفِضة    I want to buy a silver bracelet.

necklace: عُقْد /قِلادة     

 !قِلادتي مَفقودة     My necklace is lost!

earrings: حَلَق

accessories in Arabic

Image provided by Yasmine K.

.ذَهَبَ زَوجي إلى السوق لِشراء حَلَق لي    My husband went to the market to buy me earrings.

headphones: سَماعات الرَّأس  

.أحِبُ أن أضَع سَماعات الرَّأس وأقوم بالتَمرين      I like to wear headphones and exercise.

belt: حِزام

 .يَجِب أن ألبس حِزام مَع هذا البنطلون        I must wear a belt with these pants.

shoes: حِذاء 

 .أُفَضِلُ أن ألبِس حِذاء مِثل الذي تَرتديه صديقتي    I prefer to wear shoes like those my friend wears.

sneakersحِذاء رِياضي    

 .ألبسُ حذاء رياضي عَندما أقومُ بالتَمرين كُل صباح    I wear sneakers when I exercise every morning.

slippers: خُفّ /شِبْشِب    

  .أشتريتُ خُفّ ألبسه في البَيت      I bought slippers to wear in the house.

hat:  قُبَّعة    

  .ضعي قُبعة إذا سَتعملين تَحت الشَّمس    Put a hat on if you are going to work under the sun.

Some of these items are the same in both MSA and Levantine, though a few have their own names in Levantine:

طاقية for hat    وين طاقيتي؟    Where’s my hat?  (The “ق” here is pronounced as a glottal stop or hamza “ء”.)

بوط رِياضة for sneakers    .لازِمني بوط رياضة إزا بِدي ألعب كُرة السلة

I’m in need of sneakers if I want to play basketball.

إسوارة for bracelet       .رح ألبس إسوارة فِضية في حَفلة خُطبة أختي

I’m going to wear a silver bracelet for my sister’s engagement party.

كُندَرة for shoes    .إلبَس كُندرة رسمية على المقابلة    Wear formal shoes to the interview.

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About the Author: yasmine

MarHaba! I am half Jordanian of Circassian descent and half American. I have a Master's in Second Language Teaching and I teach Arabic as a foreign language here in the US, both MSA and Levantine Arabic. I hope to help you become more familiar and interested in the Arabic language and culture.


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