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Ramadan Posted by on Aug 18, 2009 in Culture

Muslims around the world, including me, are waiting for the month of Ramadan (رمضان) now. It is the month of fasting and worship, and it is a very spiritual time for all Muslims. Fasting (الصوم) involves not eating or drinking anything from dawn to sunset. This may seem hard, but it is not that difficult if you are used to it. There is also a very late meal we have shortly before dawn or very late at night called (السحور) which helps us cope with fasting the following day. Children usually practice fasting gradually until noon at first, and then year by year they learn to fast all day long.

Ramadan is also a good time to strengthen family ties, as you find many families making a point of getting together at the time of breaking the fast (الإفطار). Even extended families get together for Iftar. I remember that we used to invite all my uncles and get invited at their homes for Iftar. It is also a very good time for the rich to help the poor, as we usually find what is called (موائد الرحمن) literally “God’s buffets” which are meals that rich people prepare especially for the poor, and everyone can eat there.

Ramadan is also time of worship and reading the Qur’an. Many people make a point of reading the whole Qur’an during the month of Ramadan. People tend to pray more and go to the mosque more often than usual. Yet, Ramadan has its special entertainment as well. Television usually shows all sorts of special programs and soaps to keep people entertained all day and all night long. In addition, although Ramadan is the month of fasting, people tend to consume more food than any other time of the year, especially sweets. Ramadan special foods may merit a special post.

There is a special prayer that we say at this time of the year when we wait for Ramadan (اللهم بلّغنا رمضان) which means “God, help us reach Ramadan.”

اللهم بلّغنا رمضان

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  1. nabeel:

    Allah’s Messenger (SAW) used to recite the following whole dua when he used to see the first moon of Rajab…

    And hence reciting the following dua while siting the first moon of Rajab is Sunnah (precept) of beloved Prophet (SAW).

    Dua is :-

    “Alla-humma baarik lana fee rajab wa sha’ban wa balligna ramadan”

    i have mistakenly posted a one more comment in some other Post of you regarding the definition of fast given by you in this post …hence i would like to include the correct definition of fast here too…

    we don’t abstain our self either from drinking or eating. But we abstain our sellf from both during the fast. so instead of OR…. AND should be used.

    Definition of fast as follows : –

    “Fasting means willing abstention from eating, drinking and satisfaction of certain demands of the flesh, from predawn to sunset.”

    wassalamu a’la mann-ittaba al-huda

  2. Nabil:

    If it’s one month that I truly admire each year, then it’s the month of Ramadan.