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Shapes in Arabic Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

In this post, I present a video that introduces the shapes vocabulary in Arabic. Watch the video, repeat the words and learn them.

At the end of the video, there are some questions to test whether you have learnt the words.

السلام عليكم

اليوم سوف نتعلم الأشكال باللغة العربية

هل أنت مستعد؟

هيا نبدأ!


Today, we will learn about shapes in Arabic.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin!


دائرة = Circle

مستطيل = rectangle

نجمة = star

قلب = heart

مربع = Square

هلال = Crescent

معين = diamond

مثلث =  triangle

خماسي الأضلاع = Pentagon

سداسي الأضلاع = Hexagonal

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