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Some Ramadan Habits Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Culture

Ramadan is a great month for Muslims. It is  a very spiritual time in which people pray a lot, read the Quran, go to the mosque and do a lot of charity. There are many habits associated with the month of Ramadan, and in this post, I write about some of these habits.

Image by Guillaume Paumier on Flickr

Image by Guillaume Paumier on Flickr

  • In Ramadan, young people decorate the streets using lights and coloured ribbons.
  • People decorate their houses with lanterns and also buy lanterns for their kids to light in Ramadan nights.


  • Many people try to read all the chapters of the Quran during the month of Ramadan.


  • Families and neighbours exchange meals and desserts during the holy month. What happens is that one family sends a plate of food to another, and then the other family sends the same plate back full of another plate, and so on.


  • In Ramadan, the rich feed the poor in what is called God’s banquet (مائدة الرحمن). In some streets, all families contribute food for مائدة الرحمن.


  • Families prepare special foods for Ramadan to enjoy in the holy month, especially desserts. Families also get together for iftar and lots of visits are exchanged between families and friends.


  • Al mossahir wakes people to eat before dawn, as he sings and hits his drum!


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