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Swine flu -translation Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 in Culture

This posting is part 2 of my previous posting about swine flu. In the previous post, I cited a section from the BBC Arabic website about swine flu to give some useful vocabulary and timely expressions about this important topic. in this post, I present my translation of the information presented in the previous post.

After you have read the previous post, you can check your understanding of the text using the translation below.

The WHO has confirmed that the emergence of the swine flu virus which is transferred to humans represents “an urgent case for public health.”

What is swine flu?

Swine flu spreads through inhalation, and it is a severe epidemic that primarily infects pigs.

Type A flu virus causes this disease. The world has been witnessing repeated spreads of the disease among pigs causing nausea; however, it rarely becomes a deadly epidemic.

This disease spreads in autumn and spring in particular; nevertheless, it can spread at other times of the year as well.

There are many types of swine flu virus, similar to bird flu, and the virus is constantly changing.

Can people get swine flu?

Usually, swine flu does not affect humans; however, in outspread cases infection with swine flu has been recorded in people who have close contacts with pigs.

Additionally, few cases of bird flu infections among humans have been documented.

This virus spreads among people in ways that are similar to seasonal flu. i.e. through coughing and sneezing.

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