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Saleh Al-Sha’ir: A Declaration of Love Posted by on May 11, 2016

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! In today’s post, I am presenting a beautiful love poem by a friend; Saleh Al-Sha’ir صالح الشاعر. Is there a relationship between a person’s name and his/her character and/or his/her interests? I do believe yes. “Saleh صــالــح” is an Arabic adjective that means “pious”! Also, “Al-Sha’ir الــشــاعــر” means “the poet”! There…

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Listening Comprehension Answers: Boutros Ghali Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Here are the answers to the last listening comprehension exercise about the famous Egyptian diplomat and politician Boutros Ghali who passed away last week. To view the questions or to listen to the news report again, kindly click here. الإجــابــات Answers الـمـُـدة الـتـي قـضـاهـا بـطـرس غـالـي فـي الـعـمـل الـدبـلـومـاسـي هـى سـتــة…

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Listening Comprehension Exercise: Boutros Ghali Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Last week and exactly on February, 16th and at the age of 94, a very famous Egyptian character left our world. We are going to listen to a short report about his life journey and try to answer some comprehension questions. اِســتــمــع إلــى الــتــقــريــر ، ثــُــمَّ أجـِــبْ عـَــن الأســئــلــة الــتــَّــالــِــيــَـــة…

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Naguib El-Rehani (1889 – 1949) Posted by on Jan 21, 2016

    Ahlan أهــْــلاً, Arabic lovers! As Google celebrated today the 127th birthday of Naguib El-Rehani نجيب الريحاني, I thought it might be interesting to write about his legacy especially for those of you who have never heard of him. Naguib El-Rehani was a famous Egyptian actor and comedian. He is considered the Father of…

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“You, That I Love”; Amr Diab Posted by on Dec 9, 2015

     Ahlan, Arabic fans! Today I am presenting a beautiful song by Amr Diab عــَـــمــْـــرو دِيــَـــاب . The song is entitled “أنــت يــالــلى بــحــبــك/Enta Yally Bahibak/” which translates literally as “You, That I Love”. Like all of Amr’s songs, the songs on the Egyptian slang Arabic.    Slang or dialectic Arabic is a phenomenon…

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Amr Diab; “With Him” Posted by on Sep 30, 2015

     Ahlan, Arabic fans! Today I am presenting a beautiful song by Amr Diab عــَـــمــْـــرو دِيــَـــاب . The song is entitled “ويــَّــاه /Wayyah/” which translates literally as “With Him”. Surprisingly, slang Arabic can address females in the form of males, so Amr means “With My Love”.     Slang or dialectic Arabic is a…

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Reading Comprehension Exercise: Naguib Mahfouz Posted by on Jun 4, 2015

اِقــرأ الـقــطـــعــــة  الـتــالــيـــة ثــم أجـــب عـــن الأســئــلـــــــة Read the and following passage and then answer the questions:      “ولــدَ نــجــيــب مــحــفــوظ فــى االــحــادى عــشــر مــن شــهــر ديــســمــبــر 1911 فــى حــىّ الــجــمــالــيــة بــمــديــنــة الــقــاهــرة.  نــشــأ فــى أســرة مــتــوســطــة و كــان أصــغــر الأطــفــال. اِنــتــقــلــت أســرتــه لــلــعــيــش فــى عــدّة أحــيــاء فــى الــقــاهــرة الــقــديــمــة مــثــل حــىّ الــعــبــاســيــة و الــحــســيــن…

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