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Something will remain between us; Farouk Gweedah Posted by on May 31, 2015

    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Today, I am presenting a very touching love poem. It is called “Something will remain between us شــيءٌ ســيــبــقــى بــيــنــنــا“. The poem was written by the great contemporary Egyptian poet and writer Farouk Gweedah فــاروق جــويــدة . He is famous all over the Arab world. Gweedah has written a lot…

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“Like Angels”; Amr Diab Posted by on May 17, 2015

    Ahlan Arabic fans! Today I am presenting a beautiful song by Amr Diab عــَـــمــْـــرو دِيــَـــاب . The song is widely known by the name “Like Angels زى الــمــلايــكــة” though in the album it has the name of “She is Indescribable مــا يــتــحــكــيــش عــلــيــهــا“. In the song, Amr compares his beloved to angels. He…

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Reading Exercise Answers: Abdel-Rahman Al-Abnudi Posted by on Apr 27, 2015

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Here are the answers to the last reading exercise about the life and works of the famous Egyptian poet Abdel-Rahman Al-Abnudi عــبد الــرحــمــن الأبــنــودى who passed away last week. To view the exercise and questions again, click here. Now, check your answers and learn about the poet while learning Arabic. الإجــابــات…

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Reading Exercise: Abdel-Rahman Al-Abnudi Posted by on Apr 23, 2015

اِقــرأ الـقــطـــعــــة  الـتــالــيـــة ثــم أجـــب عـــن الأســئــلـــــــة Read the and following passage and then answer the questions:     “عــبــد الرحــمــن الأبــنــودى هــو شــاعــر و مــؤلــف أغــانــى مصــرى مــشــهور . كــتــب الأبــنــودى قــصــائــده و أغــانــيــه بــالــلــهــجــة الــمــصــريــة الــعــامــيــة . ولــِــدَ الــشــاعــر فــى قــريــة أبــنــود فــى صــعــيــد مــصــر ، مــحــافــظــة قــنــا ، فى 11 أبــريــل 1938 . كــان…

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Amr Diab; “You Were Right” Posted by on Mar 19, 2015

    Ahlan Arabic fans! Today I am presenting a beautiful song by Amr Diab عــَـــمــْـــرو دِيــَـــاب . The song is entitled “You were right كــان عــنــدك حــق“. In the song, Amr speaks to his heart and finds all excuses for himself to be unable to forget his beloved. The songs falls in the 11th…

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Shadi Abdel-Salam: (1930 – 1986) Posted by on Mar 18, 2015

  Ahlan Arabic lovers! Last Sunday, Google showed a picture inspired by the pharaonic civilization showing a Pharaoh فــرعــون sitting on his throne عــرش with the crown تــاج on his head and the Lotus flower (symbol of life and eternity) under the throne. In front of the pharaoh but in a lower level, a person was…

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Kamel Keilani (1897 – 1959) Posted by on Oct 16, 2014

   Ahlan Arabic lovers! Today, I am going to tell you about a famous Egyptian figure. Kamel Keilani كــامــِــل كــيــلانــِــي was an eminent figure of modern Arabic literature الأدَب whose marvelous works left a mark in the literary history and qualified him to be “the pioneer of child literature رائــِــد أدب الــطــِّــفــْــل“.     Kamel…

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