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Saleh Al-Sha’ir: A Declaration of Love Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! In today’s post, I am presenting a beautiful love poem by a friend; Saleh Al-Sha’ir صالح الشاعر.

Saleh Al-Sha'ir image via goodreads

Saleh Al-Sha’ir image via goodreads

Is there a relationship between a person’s name and his/her character and/or his/her interests? I do believe yes. “Saleh صــالــح” is an Arabic adjective that means “pious”! Also, “Al-Sha’ir الــشــاعــر” means “the poet”! There is an old Arabic saying that applies to our case here. The saying is; “لــكــل امــرىءٍ مــن اســمــه نــصــيــب” which translates as “Everyone has a share of his/her name”. As most Arabic names are real adjectives or names that have meanings, so the saying is often true especially when the person adopts a career or an interest that reflects the meaning or essence of his/her name.

     Saleh Al-Sha’ir is an Egyptian university professor, writer and poet. He got his Bachelor degree from Al-Azhar University in 2003 majoring in Arabic Language. His passion and love to the Arabic language pushed him forward to further study the Arabic Syntax الــنــَّــحــْــو, Morphology الــصَّــرف and Poetry الــشــِــعــْــر (Al-Arud عــلــم الــعــَــروض), so he got his Master degree from Cairo University in 2006 and his PhD in 2009. He has taught at many universities in the gulf area and has so many publications. He wrote four volumes of poetry and many articles about the Arabic language.

إعــلانُ حــُــبٍ

A Declaration of Love

أعلنتُ حبي لكى و اختيارى

I declared your love and my choice

و واثقٌ أنا من انتصاري

And I am sure of my triumph

فلا تفكري و لا تثوري

So, don’t think or revolt

و لا تشككي .. و لا تماري

Don’t doubt .. and don’t debate

قضاؤكٍ المحتوم أن تكوني

Your destiny is to be

معي أنا .. في جنتي و ناري

With me .. in my Eden or Hell

إن تهربي مني ترىْ ضياعاً

So if you run away, you get lost

فأنتٍ كوكبي .. و في مداري

As you are my planet .. and in my orbit

و أنتٍ من دوني بلا حياةٍ

And without me, you are lifeless

بلا عبيرٍ .. و بلا ثمارِ

With no fragrance .. no fruits

الحبُّ .. لو تدرينهُ .. ربيعٌ

Love .. if you know .. is a spring

مبتسمٌ .. كطلعة النهار

Smiling .. like daybreak

كالنجمِ .. كالعبير .. كالأماني

Like a star .. like perfume .. like wishes

كالعُشبِ فى السهول و البراري  

Like grass in the valleys and deserts

و أنتِ يا حبيبتي نوالي

And you, Baby, are my prize

بعد اشتياقي لكِ و انتظاري

After my yearning and waiting

أجملُ مما كان في خيالي

Prettier than what I thought

أثمنُ من لالىء البحارِ

More precious than sea pearls

أرقُّ من ندى الصباح .. أشهى  

More delicate than morning dew .. more delicious

من عبق الزهور فى آذارِ

Than the scent of flowers in March

مبهرةٌ أنتِ بكل شيءٍ

Charming you are in everything

فكيف أخفي عنكِ انبهاري؟

How can I hide my captivation?

معي غدوتِ .. فاسلكي سبيلي

You became mine .. so follow my path

مختارةً .. و قرري قراري

Intentionally .. and decide my decision

و لتقبلي حبي .. فإنَّ حبي

And accept my love .. as my love

بحرٌ .. قراره بلا قرارِ

Is a sea .. whose bottom has no bottom

قلبٌ يحبُّ دونما شروطٍ

A heart that loves unconditionally

هذى هى الحياةُ باختصارِ

That is life in brief



Check us back Soon!

Peace ســلام /Salam/

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