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Saleh Al-Sha’ir: A Declaration of Love Posted by on May 11, 2016

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! In today’s post, I am presenting a beautiful love poem by a friend; Saleh Al-Sha’ir صالح الشاعر. Is there a relationship between a person’s name and his/her character and/or his/her interests? I do believe yes. “Saleh صــالــح” is an Arabic adjective that means “pious”! Also, “Al-Sha’ir الــشــاعــر” means “the poet”! There…

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Something will remain between us; Farouk Gweedah Posted by on May 31, 2015

    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Today, I am presenting a very touching love poem. It is called “Something will remain between us شــيءٌ ســيــبــقــى بــيــنــنــا“. The poem was written by the great contemporary Egyptian poet and writer Farouk Gweedah فــاروق جــويــدة . He is famous all over the Arab world. Gweedah has written a lot…

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Reading Exercise Answers: Abdel-Rahman Al-Abnudi Posted by on Apr 27, 2015

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Here are the answers to the last reading exercise about the life and works of the famous Egyptian poet Abdel-Rahman Al-Abnudi عــبد الــرحــمــن الأبــنــودى who passed away last week. To view the exercise and questions again, click here. Now, check your answers and learn about the poet while learning Arabic. الإجــابــات…

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“Get Together”; Lotfi Bouchnak Posted by on Jan 28, 2015

    Ahlan أهــْــلاً, Arabic lovers! Today is 28th January. This day five years ago was the epic day of the Egyptian 25th January, 2011 Revolution. The day was known as “The Friday of Anger جــمــعــة الــغــضــب“. It witnessed the biggest crowds that gathered in every place in Egypt. It also witnessed the biggest number…

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Reading Comprehension Answers: Yusuf Khaleef Posted by on Apr 28, 2013

        Here are the answers to the last reading comprehension exercise about the contemporary Egyptian poet, Yusuf Khlaeef. If you want to go over the exercise again, click the following link: الإجــــابــــــــــات وُلــِـــدَ الــدكـــتـــور يــوســـُـــف فــى مـــديـــنــــة الأســــكـــنــدريــــة – مـــصـــر .     1) Professor Yusuf was born in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. عـَـمِـل…

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Reading Comprehension Exercise: Yusuf Khaleef Posted by on Apr 27, 2013

اِقــرأ الـقــطـــعــــة  الـتــالــيـــة ثــم أجـــب عـــن الأســئــلـــــــة Read the and following message then answer the questions:         وُلـــِـــدَ الــدكــتـــــور يـــوســــف عــبـــد الــقــــادر خــلــيــــف فــى عـــام 1922 فــي حــي رأس الــتــيـــن بـمــديــنــة الإســكــنــدريــة – مــصــــر . حــَـــصــُــــلَ عــلــى الــلــيــســـانــــس من قسم اللغة العربية عام 1944 والــمــاجــســتــيــــر عام 1950 و والــدكـــتـــوراه عام 1956 مـِـــن كــُــلــيــــة الآداب –…

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Science and Manners Posted by on Mar 24, 2012

     Our blog today is about a masterpiece poem of the famous Egyptian Poet of the Nile شاعر النيل ; Hafez Ibrahim. The poem is called “Science and Manners العلم و الأخلاق“. Hafez chanted this wonderful poem in an opening ceremony حفل افتتاح of a new girls’ school in the city of Port Said in 1910…

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