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This Day in History: Rifa’ah At-Tahtawy رفاعة الطهطاوي Posted by on May 27, 2011

Rifa’ah Rafi’ At-Tahtawy (1801 – 1873)         Like today and on 27th May 1873, Rifa’ah At-Tahtawy passed away تُوفِى . Tahtawy was an Egyptian writer, teacher, translator, Egyptologist and renaissance thinker. He was among the first Egyptian scholars to write about Western cultures. In all his writings, he attempted to reach a common ground and…

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Egypt Mubarak (1981–2011):Thirty Years in Thirty Lines Posted by on Mar 15, 2011

        Thirty years of nothing but corruption الفساد and conspiracy المؤامرة , that is to sum up the Mubarak era. His two predecessors had to take fatal decisions قرارات مصيرية at a time of nonstop war حرب until peace السلام was reached; a thing which could give them some excuse عذر.         Mubarak’s failure فشل can…

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Egypt ; A Story of Struggle Posted by on Mar 13, 2011

        Since the time of the Pharaohs الفراعنة, Egypt مصر was never ruled by a native Egyptian; except for the last sixty years. Along history التاريخ  it hasn’t known any democratic regime نظام ديمقراطى in the sense of what modern democracy means. The welfare of the people depended mainly on the desire of its rulers…

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