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The Arabic Nominal Sentence: Review and Examples Posted by on Mar 20, 2018

In an earlier post, you learned that the nominal sentence الجُمْلَة الاِسْمِيَّة starts with a noun اِسْم which constitutes its first part and is called the subject/topic المُبْتَدَأ, and the its second part is called the predicate الخَبَر. You also learned that the مُبْتَدَأ must be a definite noun مَعْرَفَة. Besides, it was pointed out…

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Basic Sentence Structure in Arabic (II) Posted by on Nov 9, 2017

In an earlier post, I focused on one type of Arabic sentences, the verbal sentence الجُمْلَة الفِعْلِيَّة. As its name suggests, it is the sentence that starts with a verb فِعْل. In like manner, the nominal sentence الجُمْلَة الإِسْمِيَّة, our focus in this post, is the sentence that starts with a noun اِسْم. This type…

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