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Talking about the weather in Arabic Posted by on Jan 3, 2010 in Vocabulary

The weather is one of the most important topics of conversation for people in the West, since the weather is always changeable and unpredictable. However, in the Arab world, the situation is different, as the weather is more predictable and less changeable. People often talk about the weather when it is extreme, i.e. too hot or too cold, or when it rains because it does not rain so much! Following is a short conversation about the weather.

صباح الخير يا محمد.

صباح النور يا سعد.

كيف حال الطقس اليوم؟

الجو حار جداً.

لا أحب الجو الحار أبداً

أنا أيضاً ولكني أفضل الحر على البرد.

Good morning Mohammed.

Good morning Sa’d.

How is the weather today?

It is very hot!

I do not like the hot weather at all.

Me neither, but I prefer hot to cold weather.

The weather = الجو / الطقس

Hot = حار

Cold = بارد

Heat = الحر

Cold (n.) = البرد

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  1. ben:

    what is the Arabic for snow?


  2. Aziza:

    ثلج is a general word that means ice or snow, and we use it with falling snow

    جليد is used for accumulated snow, e.g. that you can ski on.