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Happy New Year Posted by on Dec 30, 2009 in Culture

Happy New Year

كل عام وأنتم بخير!

What is your new year’s resolution? Below are the top resolutions for Americans.

  • Lose Weight
  • Manage Debt
  • Save Money
  • Get a Better Job
  • Get Fit
  • Get a Better Education
  • Drink Less Alcohol
  • Quit Smoking Now
  • Reduce Stress Overall
  • Reduce Stress at Work
  • Take a Trip
  • Volunteer to Help Others


In the Arab world, people talk about new year’s wishes (امنيات العام الجديد). My wish for the new year is peace, happiness and success (السلام والسعادة والنجاح) for the whole world. What is your wish for the new year?

ما أمنيتك للعام الجديد؟

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  1. othmaan:

    la’anatullah a’laa amrica!

  2. othmaan:

    wish was asked n i simply expressed it isn’t it freedom of speech buddies:)

  3. morssib:

    I’ve met once “عام سعيد” (‘aam sa’eed) as “happy new year”. Is it correct to use this sentence?
    Shukran in advance! )

  4. Aziza:

    Ahlan Morssib,
    Yes, “عام سعيد” is happy new year!
    “عام سعيد” to you!