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Fisal’s Dictionary: ظهَرَ Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Arabic Language, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

        Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb ظهرَ   and explore some of its derivatives.

* ظهَرَ    [V. I.] = to appear or become clear and visible.  

                  Ex. – ظهرَ المُمَثلُ على خشبة المسرح  = The actor appeared on the stage.   

ظهَرَ  + على  [Ph.V.] = To overcome an enemy.

                  Ex. –ظهَرَ الجيشُ على العدو = The army overcame the enemy.

* ظُهُور  [N. U.] =  uncovering of something / appearance

                   Ex. – اندهشتُ لِظهُور القمر نهاراً

                 = I felt surprised because of the appearance of the moon during the day. َ

*  أظهَرَ  [V. T.] = to show (something).  

                 Ex. –أظهَرَ الفيديو الحقيقة  = The video showed the reality.

* إظهار  [N. U.] =  the act of showing or explaining something. 

* تظاهرَ   [V. I.] = to demonstrate.

               Ex. – تظاهرَ الكثيرُ من الشباب اليوم = Many young people demonstrated today.    

* مُتظاهِر  [N. C.] =  demonstrator / The person who demonstrates. Pl. متظاهرون  or متظاهرين 

               Ex.  – تجمّع المتظاهرون حول البيت الأبيض

                = The demonstrators gathered around the White House. 

مُظاهرة  [N. C.] =  demonstration. Pl. مُظاهرات  

               Ex. – زادت المظاهرات قبل الثورة

             = The demonstrations increased before the revolution.

استظهَرَ  [V. T.] = to learn (something) by heart / to memorize (something).

                Ex. – استظهرَ محمدٌ القصيدةَ   = Muhammad memorized the poem.

*  الظّاهِرُ [N.] = The Manifest One (an attribute of Allah)

*   ظاهِرة  [N. C.]  = phenomenon. Pl. ظـواهـِـر

              Ex. – الاحتباسُ الحراريُ ظاهرةٌ خطيرةٌ = Global warming is a dangerous phenomenon.

*  ظـَـهْـرُ  [N. C.] = 1- The back of anything. Pl. أظهُر  or ظُهُور 

                           2- Any of the animals that are used for carrying people or things. 

*  الظـُهْرُ   [N. U.] = Noontime

*  الظـَّهـيـرة  [N. U.] = Noontime. 

(Note: N.=Noun /C.= Countable / U.= Uncountable / V.= Verb / Ph. V. = Phrasal Verb / Adj.= Adjective / Adv.= Adverb / Prep.=Preposition / Pl.= Plural) 

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Peace  سلام  /Salam/


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