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Useful cooking vocabulary in Arabic Posted by on Apr 7, 2013 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

Do you like cooking? Do you spend time in the kitchen to prepare Arabic foods? Do you know the names of some of the tools and equipment you use while cooking in Arabic? In this post, I present some vocabulary related to utensils and kitchen equipment.

Image by Suzy Spence on Flickr

Image by Suzy Spence on Flickr

Sauce pan = قِدر

Frying pan = مقلاة

Tray =صينية

Tea Pot = شاي إبريق

Spoon = ملعقة

Fork = شوكة

Knife = سكين

Plate = طبق

Mixer = خلاط

Fridge = ثلاجة

Cooker = موقد

Oven = فرن

Freeze = مجمّد

Rolling pin= مرقاق العجين

Ladle = مغرفة

Whisk = مضرب بيض

Grater = مبشرة

Scales = ميزان

Microwave = مايكرويف



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  1. Kamal A.:

    Just what I was looking for 😛
    Learning arabic right now and haven’t found a decent list of cooking vocab till I came here. Really useful thanks 🙂