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What did People All Around Ask Fairouz? Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Culture

Marhaba! In a previous post, I introduced you all to one my favorite Arab artists Fairouz (فيروز). Given the fact that I know many of you enjoy listening to her songs and are captured by the beauty and depth of the lyrics and music, I have decided to post a video of another musical masterpiece by the Ambassador to the Stars (السفيرة الى النجوم) Lady Fairouz. I have also added the lyrics in Arabic so that you can follow with the song and the English translation. This song is titled ‘The People Asked Me’ (سألوني الناس). The lyrics are written by Mansour Rahbani, one of the Rahbani Brothers and the music is composed by the talented musical genius Ziad Rahbani, who happens to be the son of Fairouz and Assi Rahbani.


The story of this song dates back to 1972, the same year in which Assi Rahbani the husband of Fairouz suffered a brain hemorrhage. Assi’s surprising and untimely medical illness inspired his brother Mansour and son Ziad to recount Fayrouz’s pain of being on the stage and performing to thousands of fans without Assi by her side for the first time. Ziad Rahbani at the young age of 16 was asked by Mansour to compose the music of this beautiful song.

Fayrouz – The People Asked Me | فيروز – سألوني الناس

سألوني الناس عنك يا حبيبي

The people have asked me about you, my darling

كتبوا المكاتيب و أخدها الهوا

They’ve written letters and the wind took them

بيعز عليي غني يا حبيبي

It’s not easy for me to sing, my darling

و لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

When for the first time, we are not together

سألوني الناس عنك سألوني

The people asked me about you, they asked me

قلتلن راجع أوعى تلوموني

I said “he’s coming back, don’t you dare blame me”

غمضت عيوني خوفي للناس يشوفوك مخبى بعيوني

I closed my eyes fearing that the people would see me hiding you in my eyes (meaning she’s thinking about him and caring for him)

و هب الهوى و ما كان الهوى

And the wind picked up out of nowhere

لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

For the first time, we are not together

طل من الليل قالي ضويلي

He appeared in the night and said “light my way”

لاقاني الليل و طفى قناديلي

“The night found me and put out my lamp”

و لا تسأليني كيف إستهديت

“Don’t ask me how I found my way”

كان قلبي لعندك دليلي

“My heart was my guide to you”

و اللي إكتوى بالشوق إكتوى

“He who has suffered in longing has truly suffered”

لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

For the first time, we are not together

Until this very day, this song by Fairouz remains a musical masterpiece that is sung by many rising Arab artists. The song carries a deep message of love and compassion in a beautiful and majestic manner. I trust you will all enjoy this beautiful Arabic ballad.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Have a nice day and an excellent weekend!!

نهاركم سعيد

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