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Word search – jewelry Posted by on Mar 29, 2011 in Vocabulary

Have you learned any of the vocabulary related to jewelry items I presented earlier? Here is a chance to revise them and take a challenge to try and find the words in the word search game below:


Jewel  = جوهرة

Ring = خاتم

Bracelet = سوار

Anklet = خلخال

Chain = سلسلة

Earrings =  حلق

Gold =  ذهب

Silver = فضة

Pearl = لؤلؤ

Diamond = ماس

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  1. Farah:

    I love your blog posts! They are very educational and entertaining at the same time. Thank you so much for writing them. I have one suggestion that I hope you will consider. Since you are not using diacritical marks when you introduce new words, it would be helpful if you had an audio file next to each word so that we could hear the pronounciation. Or, you could write the word out in Romanized text (transliteration) so we can see how it is properly pronounced. I love learning all the new words but I am not sure if I am pronouncing them correctly. Thank you for your kind consideration and keep up the great work!

    • aziza:

      @Farah Thank you Farah. I will consider your comment and try to add vowels on the Arabic words in the future. I think that recording and uploading the file is too complicated for me. I wonder if Fisal can help with this!

  2. Fisal:

    Sure Aziza, I can create such pronunciation lists. For yours, I will title them “Aziza said,+ Topic of word list”. What do you think? any suggestions?

    • aziza:

      @Fisal This would be great! Thank you very much Fisal!

  3. Farah:

    Thank you so much! I think this will really help people learn and remember the Arabic words. Again, I really enjoy all the postings on this blog so thank you again for all of your hard work!

  4. Fisal:

    It is a pleasure always.