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Egypt: Effect of Geography Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

       Egypt has an excellent geographical location. This remarkable location is considered one of the greatest features and gifts that affected Egypt’s history and gave it a huge role in the region and the whole world. Moreover, this location brought Egypt happiness at its highest times and misery and occupation at its lowest times.

        Egypt lies between 22 and 32 degree North latitude درجة عرضية and between 24 to 37 degree East longitude درجة طولية . Thus, its whole area lies in the north east hemisphere نصف الكرة  . It is located in the northeast corner of Africa أفريقيا . It also has an area in Asia آسيا  which is the Sinai peninsula  شبه جزيرة سيناء  . It is bordered in the North by the Mediterranean Sea البحر المتوسط , the Red Sea البحر الأحمر and Palestine فلسطين in the east, Libya ليبيا  in the West and Sudan السودان  in the South.

Image by Dinamik on Flickr

Image by Dinamik on Flickr


Why is Egypt location important?

1-     Egypt is located at a meeting point between two continents قارتين ; Africa and Asia. On its land, two important seas meet. Hence, Egypt separates the east الشرق and the west الغرب through Sinai سيناء and the north الشمال and south الجنوب through the Suez Canal which connects the Suez Gulf   خليج السويس  at Suez to the Mediterranean Sea at Port said. The Suez canal is approximately 100 km long.

2-     The River Nile نهر النيل runs through the Sahara Desert الصحراء الكبرى . It emerges from the southern lakes البحيرات الجنوبية  in the mountains جبال of central Africa. When it arrives in Cairo القاهرة  it is divided and meets the Mediterranean at two points; Damiatta دمياط and Rosetta رشيد .

3-     Egypt location enabled it to control the international trade routes.

4-     The vast deserts around the Nile valley protected the identity and culture الثقافة of the Egyptians, the ancient Egyptian civilization flourished.

5-     Egypt received some huge waves موجات of immigrants from southwest Asia and southern Europe.  Alexandria الاسكندرية , built by Alexander the Great in 332 BC , became a centre of the Greek culture. Egypt embraced Christianity المسيحية  at that time and most of its people were Christians or Copts, a term which was equal to Egyptians.

6-     With the rise of Islam, the majority of Egyptians converted to Islam. Huge waves of Arab immigrants مهاجرين arrived in Egypt and Arabic language prevailed up to the present time.

         The ancient Egyptians were among the first people to build a national civilian country that consisted of one people. Their civilization was among the first in the world and its light spread in all directions. Alexandria Library مكتبة الاسكندرية was one of the world’s wonders. Egypt managed to stop the Mongol waves that swept the Arab world. It also protected the Arab world from the European Crusades. Al-Azhar Mosque and University is one of the oldest universities that represents moderate Islam الاسلام المعتدل . Egypt lies in the heart of the Arab and Muslim world that stretches from the middle of Asia to the Atlantic Ocean المحيط الأطلنطى .

First Paragraph Translation

تمتلك مصر موقعاً جغرافياً ممتازاً . و يعتبر هذا الموقع المتميز من أهم الخصائص و الهبات التى أثرت على تاريخ مصر و منحتها دورا بارزا فى المنطقة و فى العالم كله . و علاوة على ذلك ، فقد جلبَ هذا الموقعُ على مصرَ السعادة فى أوقات قوتها ، كما جلب لها البؤسَ و الشقاء فى أوقات ضعفها .   


Next ime, we learn another type of definite Nouns: Relative Pronouns.

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