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World Mental Health Day يوم الصحة النفسية العالمي – Part 1 Posted by on Oct 25, 2021 in Advice, Arabic Language, comprehension, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

In this month, the world celebrates يَحْتَفِل العَالَمُ بِـ the Mental Health Day يوم الصحة النفسية. It is celebrated on the 10th. October of each year.  This post (made up of 2 parts) studies a short video clip, produced by BBC Arabic, which discusses (in Standard Arabic) five ways in which خمس طرق التي يستطيع من خلالها one can help a friend  الشخص مساعدة صديق who could be facing قد يكون يواجه some challenges بعض التحديات with their mental health بخصوص صحته العقلية. This 1st part of the post will be focused on vocabulary.


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The purpose of this celebration is to educate people تَثْقِيفِ النَّاس and raise their awareness وَرَفْعِ إِدْرَاكِهِم about mental health بالصحة النفسية and to advocate against وَالدَّعْوَةِ ضِّدَّ the stigma around it وَصْمَةِ العَارِ التِي تَتَعَلَّقُ بِهَا.


First, I’m going to list the keywords/ phrases (in Arabic & English) that are featured in this video below.


Word List (A):

These are featured in the first minute of the video.

Helping مُسَاعَدَة

Facing/ suffering from يُعَانُونَ مِن

Disorder اضْطِرَاب

is affected by  يَتَأَثَّرُ بِـ

Mental Health الصِّحَّةُ العَقْلِيَّة

 Stigmatisation الوَصْمُ بِالعَار

Discrimination التَّمْيِيز

Care الرِّعَايَة

Treatment العِلَاج

Young people الشَّبَاب

Seeking getting السَّعْيِ لِلْحُصُولِ عَلَى

Medical care الرِّعَايَة الطِّبِّيَّة

susceptible/vulnerable to عُرْضَة لِـ

 = = = = = = 


Word List (B):

These are featured in the part of the video that discusses ‘Advices’ when helping a friend.


 Advices النصائح

 Specialists المتخصّصون

Charity جمعية خيرية

Offer اِعْرض

 helping him مساعدته

Reassure him طمأنه

Listening to him الاستماع إليه

His feelings مشاعره

Diagnosing/diagnose his condition تشخيص حالته

Guessing تخمين


Don’t judge him لا تحكم عليه

The way you behave/deal with him طريقة تصرفك معه


 Give him/ provide him with اِمْنحه

Finding information العثور على معلومات

Medical help مساعدة طبية

Support groups مجموعات الدعم

Giving support تقديم الدعم

Accompanying him مرافقته

Attending appointments/ meetings الحضور إلى المواعيد/ الاجتماعات

Feeling lonely الشعور بالوحدة


Encourage شجّع

Healthy habits عادات صحية

A healthy diet نظام غذائي صحي

Enough sleep قسط كافٍ من النوم


Messaging him مراسلته

Making a call إجراء اتصال

 = = = = = = 


Word List (C):

These are featured in the final part of the video that discusses ways in which you can take care of your mental health.


take care of others اعتنِ بغيرك

Don’t blame yourself لا تلُم نفسك

Know your limits اعرف حدودك

Take some time for yourself تخصيص بعض الوقت لنفسك

Responsible of caring for مسؤولًا عن رعاية

Worried about قلقًا بشأن

your friend’s safety سلامة صديقك

Thoughts of self-harm أفكار لإيذاء نفسه

 = = = = = = 


Exercise (1):

– Match each of the advices below (in Arabic) mentioned in the video to their English counterparts.

اعرض مساعدتك

كُن صبورًا

امنحه معلومات مفيدة


ابقَ على تواصلٍ معه

Stay in touch with him.

Be patient.

Offer your help.

Help him.

Give him useful information

 = = = = = = 


Stay tuned to next week’s post where you can check your answers and work on more exercises 😉

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