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Archive for August, 2009

Ordering Food Posted by on Aug 30, 2009

The other day, I ordered one of my favorite foods, a 咖喱鸡饭套餐 (curry chicken set meal) complete with a 一杯冻奶茶 (cup of cold milk tea).  It was going to be great, but what I hadn’t counted on was the 商务流程 (business process) of this restaurant being 搞混 (mixed-up).  First, someone 上门 (came to my door)…

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Chinese Valentine’s Day Posted by on Aug 27, 2009

Yesterday was 七夕节 (Chinese Valentine’s Day).  It comes from the story of a mortal cowherd 牛郎 (lit. cowherd) and 织女 (lit. fabric woman), a goddess, who met but eventually were torn apart (versions of why vary).  Every year on the 7th day of the 7th month on the 阴历 (lunar calendar), there is a 鹊桥…

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Residential Certificates Posted by on Aug 24, 2009

Today when I went to get my foreigner registration permit, I ended up in a place specializing in 警务 (police affairs) and realized that I had 走错 (gone to the wrong place).  The officer inside informed me that my residence was not within the 范围 (scope) of that particular outpost.  When I got to the…

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Cha Can Ting Posted by on Aug 21, 2009

Living in Shenzhen has placed me near Hong Kong, which puts me near innumerable 茶餐厅 (HK-style cafes).  Besides serving one of my favorite dishes – 蛋挞 (egg tart, it should be one of your favorite dishes too) – there are also great 牛肉粥 (beef rice porridge) dishes.  For drinks, you’re never at a loss, as…

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Internet Support Line Posted by on Aug 19, 2009

Hello Readers! Well, I thought I had done it all, until of course I had to 缴费 (pay the bills) for my internet connection at a local 营业厅 (service hall/center).  They could take cash to 办理 (conduct, carry out) the payment 业务 (service), but when I returned home I found that my connection still had…

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