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Archive for February, 2013

24 Hours in Beijing Posted by on Feb 25, 2013

What could you accomplish with a full 24 hours in Beijing? Probably a lot more than you think! In this video, I take you on a whirlwind tour of the Chinese capital, hitting plenty of the famous sights, enjoying tons of local food, living like a local in some of the parks, and partying like…

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Chinese Visas Posted by on Feb 24, 2013

If you want to visit China, chances are you’ll need a visa (签证 – qiān zhèng) to do so. With so many different types of visas, a bunch of rules and regulations, and a handful of exemptions, it can be a difficult and frustrating process. In an effort to simplify things for you, here’s a…

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Beginner Chinese – Self-Introduction Posted by on Feb 21, 2013

When learning a new language, one of the first things you need to learn how to do is introduce yourself. It’s also a good idea to learn how to ask questions to others so you can get to know them. Today I’ll provide a basic guide for how to do so. Name Q: What’s your…

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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Posted by on Feb 17, 2013

In the nearly four years that I’ve been living in China, there’s only one place that I’ve visited on three separate occasions – Harbin (哈尔滨 – hā ěr bīn), the capital city of northeast China’s Heilongjiang province (黑龙江省 – hēi lóng jiāng shěng). Originally financed by the Russian Empire at the end of the 19th…

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Spring Festival (春节) Posted by on Feb 10, 2013

Tomorrow is the official start of the Spring Festival, China’s longest and most important holiday. As China follows the lunar calendar, the Spring Festival is also known as Chinese New Year. The madness of the chun yun travel rush is still going on, but most people should already be home by now. Today, on New…

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The Spring Festival (Video) Posted by on Feb 9, 2013

The Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is China’s longest and most important holiday. This festival has a history going back thousands of years, and there are tons of interesting customs and traditions associated with it. Learn more about the Spring Festival while learning a lot of useful Chinese vocabulary with this video…

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Zharu Valley Eco-Tourism Hike (Day Three) Posted by on Feb 3, 2013

For the 3rd and final day of the hike, we headed downhill and visited a local Tibetan village. Inside, we were welcomed with multiple cups of butter tea and plates full of home-cooked food. After a bike ride and a stop at the local temple, we took part in a roast lamb party. With singing…

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