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A Day in Kowloon Posted by on Oct 6, 2014 in Culture

Explore one of the many faces of Hong Kong with this video tour of a jam-packed day in Kowloon. Take the ferry across Victoria Harbor, check out Kowloon Park, visit the Hong Kong History Museum, wander through the Chungking Mansions, stroll the Avenue of Stars, watch the Symphony of Lights show, and enjoy some good ole’ street food.

九龙 – jiǔ lóng

在这里,你可以看到… – zài zhè lǐ, nǐ kě yǐ kàn dào
Here, you can see…

火烈鸟 – huǒ liè niǎo

龟 – guī

黑颈天鹅 – hēi jǐng tiān’é
black-necked swan

…而且很多鸟 – Ér qiě hěn duō niǎo
…and many birds.

香港历史博物馆 – xiāng gǎng lì shǐ bó wù guǎn
Hong Kong Museum of History

重庆大厦 – chóng qìng dà shà
Chungking Mansions

印度菜 – yìn dù cài
Indian food

星光大道 – xīng guāng dà dào
Avenue of Stars

成龙 – chéng lóng
Jackie Chan

李小龙 – lǐ xiǎo lóng
Bruce Lee

幻彩詠香江 – huàn cǎi yǒng xiāng jiāng
Symphony of Lights

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