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Alcohol in China pt. 1 Posted by on May 31, 2009 in Vocabulary

In China, many people do not prefer to drink 烈酒 (strong alcohol)  such as 伏特加 (vodka), 威士忌 (whiskey), 朗姆酒 (rum, also known as 甜酒).  Some people will drink  香槟 (champagne) or 白葡萄酒 (white wine) but this is more common among accomplished businesspeople.  More and more, people are learning more about things such as 红酒 (red wine) and other types of 洋酒 (foreign alcohol).  Nevertheless, there are very expensive (and highly esteemed) types of 白酒 (spirits).  Do any of the readers have Baijiu stories?

烈酒 lie4jiu3 – strong alcohol
伏特加 fu2te4jia1 – vodka
威士忌 wei1shi4ji4 – whiskey
朗姆酒 lang2mu3jiu4 – rum
甜酒 tian2jiu3 – another word for rum, sweet alsochol
香槟 xiang1bin1 – champagne
白葡萄酒 bai2pu3tao1jiu3 – white wine
红酒 hong2jiu3 – red wine
洋酒 yang2jiu3 – foreign wine
白酒 bai2jiu3 – spirits

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