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Setting Up a Party Posted by on May 31, 2009 in Vocabulary

For the surprise party, we had to prepare several different things- we needed to set out trays of 水果 (fruits), coolers with 啤酒 (beer) and 果汁 (fruit juice), bottles of  汽水 (soda), big bowls of 署片 (potato chips) and 意大利面 (pasta).  For the more health-conscious, we set out 沙拉 (salad) and for those more taste-conscious we put out 蛋糕 (cake).  游戏 (games) were played by all.  Simply stated- it was (refreshing/great).

水果 shui2(3)guo3 – fruits
啤酒 pi2jiu3 – beer
果汁 guo3zhi1 – fruit juice
汽水 qi4shui3 – soda
署片 shu3pian1 – potato chips
意大利面 yi4da4li4mian4 – pasta
沙拉 sha1la1 – salad
蛋糕 dan4gao1 – cake
游戏 you2xi4 – games
爽 shuang2- fun, cool

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